What is Marvel First?

Marvel Comics released another preview today.  Lets look at the image and begin to speculate.



All that Marvel included with the image was this little bit of text:

Official Press Release

Marvel #1

Begin with the best super heroes in comics–Marvel does it FIRST!!

HUGE story coming soon to fans, worldwide.


Speculation is running rampant.  Lets take a look at some of the theories, and I’ll provide my own.

Newsarama has the most ideas so far.  This may be the press release of the omnibus featuring the first issues of everything from Marvel NOW.  Well, probably not.  That doesn’t seem FIRST! nor is it HUGE.

They also remind us of the Age of Ultron crossover that is supposed to change the Marvel Universe yet again.  Maybe the change is all new number ones.  Really, issue numbers up into the hundreds is going to be a thing of the past.  Why not have the comics run to a natural end and then launch with a new number one when the next big story for that character or team begins.  Its easy for new readers and long time ones know where to put the issues within the longer run in our long boxes.

Finally, they throw out the idea that this will be the Marvel debut of Marvelman.  Years ago Marvel announced they had the rights to the character (also known as Miracleman) but so far we’ve seen next to nothing.  Perhaps Marvelman will be added into the Marvel Universe as the first hero.  Their version of Superman.  Fuck you Sentry.


I’ll throw a couple of ideas out there too.

Maybe the big symbol next to 1 isn’t meant to mean number, but hashtag.  Imagine if Marvel was going to integrate Twitter into the comics.  Maybe decide a plot point via Twitter voting.  Hashtag trends to decide new titles.

Or, lets look at all of those names:

  1. Cable
  2. Sif
  3. Hulk
  4. Namor
  5. Hazmat
  6. Doctor Strange
  7. Rocket Raccoon
  8. Storm
  9. Spider-Man
  10. Falcon
  11. Kitty Pryde
  12. Valkyrie
  13. Alpha
  14. Luke Cage
  15. Punisher
  16. Cyclops
  17. Ant Man
  18. Morbius
  19. Rogue
  20. Venom
  21. Black Panther
  22. Human Torch
  23. Deadpool
  24. Hope
  25. Thor
  26. Havok
  27. Hawkeye
  28. Iceman
  29. Black Widow
  30. Colossus
  31. Invisible Woman
  32. Scarlet Spider
  33. Spider-Woman
  34. Wolverine
  35. Captain Marvel
  36. Beast
  37. Winter Soldier
  38. Iron Fist
  39. Gambit
  40. Legion
  41. Daredevil
  42. Iron Man
  43. Psylocke
  44. Kid Omega
  45. Silver Surfer
  46. Thing
  47. Doop
  48. Mister Fantastic
  49. Nova
  50. Captain America


That’s right, Justice League of America style 50 covers!  What flag will Doop wave?


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