Drunken Cat Comics 11 Year Anniversary Review.

From Drunken Cat Comics, Brian Canini, Derek Baxter.


There are four stories in this anniversary anthology, all of which are created by those two names above.  This should be impressive in itself but even more so is that these four vastly different stories are created by just two men.

The Drunken Cat is our guide and our connecting bookend thread throughout the comic.  Brian writes and draws these pages and there is not a doubt in my mind he has studied cartooning and animation for years.  He can convey every emotion and thought through posture, facials and some deceptively simple (as in not at all simple) line work.  Plus this cat is damn funny too!  It might be the 11th anniversary of Drunken Cat Comics but this is my first exposure to the characters and I’m in love with the Drunken Cat just two pages in.

One of the more clever parts of this comic is the background of past works behind the Cat.  While the artwork from previous issues doesn’t show the whole story, it does show the talent that was there from the beginning.  Drunken Cat Comics has risen to the top of my back issue searches.

The second story is bound to offend some but I love things like this.  “Satan’s High School Reunion” is just wrong on so many levels.  Its also one of the funniest comics I’ve ever read.  From Satan’s “model” date, to his ex girlfriend who we all see shopping at WalMart, to just too many jokes to mention them all.  God, Adam and Eve, “Satan is gay”.  If you love feeling offended while tears of laughter stream down your face, this is the comic for you.

Next up is “Fall Back” and the guys show their sensitive sides in this time travel love story.  As good as your favorite episode of Doctor Who.  More debate over the changes that time travel can cause, and what must always be, than Looper.  These guys wear both acting masks in their art and are equally adept at both comedy and tragedy.

Finally is the quick tale of “Big Metal Robots”.  Giant monsters, bigger robots, and bigger silliness.  Not to keep referencing pop culture, but this has the humor of Bambi vs. Godzilla and I form a life long love of the warped minds hosted within Brian and Derek.

Marvel and DC take up so much time and space in the world of comics but books like Drunken Cat Comics are where its at.  The stew of everything we love bubbles up into an all new concoction like this.  Familiar and yet unlike anything else.  One taste is all it takes to salivate anytime the presence of Drunken Cat comics is nearby.


Side note:

Drunken Cat Comics also sent over La Poubelle.  The art in this comic is fantastic, but unfortunately I cannot remember any of the high school French I took.  Based on art alone though, if there is ever any version of this comic in English I’ll be right on it.


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