Top 4 of NXT 2/28/13

Kind of made a sacrifice for storylines in this episode with great matches, so pulling a top 4 was not easy.

4. Bo Dallas Knocked Out

The original main event for NXT was to be Corey Graves vs. Conor O’Brian vs. Bo Dallas. That doesn’t even sound like a suitable match up, but I think it was all a ploy to get a face into the match. Because we can’t just have two heels for no reason, blasphemy it is! Well, Bo Dallas gets knocked out and can’t make it in. Hopefully this storyline actually goes somewhere and isn’t just used as a huge tease just to get Graves and O’Brian to have the match on their own.

3. Aksana vs. Emma

Surprisingly, I enjoyed this match. Aksana isn’t much of a wrestler, though she manages to look good in tight clothing. Still, this wasn’t a match of all rest holds and Emma’s, “Oops, I’m clumsy,” moments have evolved into being a part of her character. She dances worse than before, has more bounce in her step, and looks confused whenever something she applies doesn’t work. Aksana also does the most brilliant spinebuster I’ve ever seen from the woman. In fact, I did not loathe her wrestling in this. Kudos.

2. Justin Gabriel vs. Leo Kruger

I actually went back and forth several times on what would be 1 and what would be 2 this week. Both matches were incredible and I enjoyed them immensely. However, this match did have a few more rest holds to it and that usually lowers the score for me. It started off slow, but still interesting, and had Kidd cheering on Gabriel along the outside of the ring. It’s inspiring to see Kidd with this much enthusiasm because here is a man who completely believes in the craft and won’t leave the arena because of an injury. Gabriel and Kruger pick up their pace and the match a bit more towards the middle and then at the end there are moves that are impressive, and unpredictable. Kruger does best with the right opponent and Gabriel proved to be that for him.

1. Corey Graves vs. Conor O’Brian

This match won out because for 9:45 I can’t remember thinking, “Wow, bored,” or, “This is slow.” It just kept moving and refused to give in. I have to admit, as much as I adore both men, I didn’t think this match had much potential. Look at the two of them! O’Brian is a beast and Graves is just… so small looking! I take back everything I thought because while O’Brian proved he is a beast, Graves showed he could stand up to him. Neither man gets to end this match (and I’m kind of glad for once) as Shield comes in to interfere. And who doesn’t love a segment that involves Shield and Ambrose on the mic?

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