Top 4 of Superstars (and Main Event) 2/27/13 and 2/28/13

In case you missed my proclamation last week, I am now combining Superstars and Main Event for the top 4s. Superstars has two matches a week and without Scott Stanford on it I can’t even fake a Top 4. I’ve wanted to write about Main Event for awhile and so they both suffer for being together.

I could not put the Kofi Kingston vs. David Otunga match onto the list. Where did Otunga’s abs go? No, that’s not the only reason why, though I must admit to spending more time watching his abs and wondering what happened than I did watching the match itself.

4. Brodus Clay & Tensai vs. Epico & Primo – Superstars

Rosa dances. Epico & Primo get treated worse than they deserve. And Giant Bernard goes to Lord Tensai, to Tensai, and now they are saying he’ll be called, “Sweet T.” This is an awkward pairing to say the least because it’s like they wanted another dysfunctional relationship ala Daniel Bryan and Kane without any of the chemistry or pizzazz of a good storyline. Adding insult to injury, they throw the match on Superstars. It isn’t a bad match, but it’s an odd match up with a few good spots that make up for the mess of the rest of it.

3. Mark Henry vs. Justin Gabriel – Main Event

Sure, we all knew Gabriel was going to lose. I mean, it’s against Mark Henry. What I didn’t know is they could actually put on a decent match. Gabriel is magic in the ring and he proves that even against a large man who doesn’t match his style he can show off his skills. He ultimately does lose, as we predicted, but he promises to give a good show and Henry, though losing momentum since his return and treated as another side character, still has enough of that old Henry that it makes him a star.

2. Cody Rhodes and Kaitlyn Flirting – Main Event

There is something about an awkward relationship that’s beautiful to see played out on screen. It’s cuter because Rhodes goes from this dashing character that could get any woman to a bumbling man who doesn’t know the right things to say whenever he’s around Kaitlyn. And Kaitlyn, with her quirky sense of humor, always comes off as if she finds everyone a bit intimidating or awkward to be around, which makes it more darling. Plus, you know, this seems to be leading to a continuous storyline. I like story that doesn’t disappear the next week.

1. Cody Rhodes vs. Sheamus – Main Event

At just over 10 minutes this match accomplishes everything it needs to, which is prove neither men has lost anything in the ring despite one being constantly left behind and the other falling into the moves of doom category of facedom. These two give a good pace and don’t overly use restholds to call for a slow spot. Probably going to be on my top 4 matches of the week. It helps that they give it a story and on Main Event it’s the one time the commentators try to concentrate on the story being told in the ring.

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