DVDuesday for 3/5/13. (UPDATED)

I’m waiting to see if Chris Gore lets me use this name.  Take your bets.

(Alright so I wasn’t asking for permission so much as I just wanted to see if Chris Gore would respond.  I respect him and the memory of AOTS too much to steal what they created.  But just once I wanted to use this name for the title.  Chris did respond…


Chris if you’re reading this, much love and respect for all your work sir.  Been a fan for years and I love your unbelievable passion, your energy, your intelligence and the times that you get really snarky too.)

Anyways, its time to check out the coolest and best things coming out on DVD and Blu Ray at a good store near you today.

Click on the images to head over to Amazon, and you can order stuff there too.  If you do this site gets a small kickback which will help us to function for many years to come.

Wreck It Ralph


The movie that should have won for Best Animated Feature at the Oscars.  Far better than it had any right to be.  Kids will love it for sure, but adults that grew up in the video game era will be flipping out throughout the movie, filled with excitement from their glory days of the past.

Red Dawn


The wife and I sat through this and enjoyed the hell out of it.  More over the top action than the original.  For some reason, call it nostalgia, it doesn’t feel as good as the original.  Maybe there’s just not as much heart.  Maybe I’m just not a child anymore.

Bret The Hitman Hart – The Dungeon Collection


There are a lot of great forgotten and hidden gems on this DVD collection.  9 hours of matches that almost entirely have never been on DVD before.  A must have not just for Bret Hart fans, but all wrestling fans.

Regular Show Party Pack 3


Sweet!  Ye-ah!  Regular Show isn’t getting the love that Adventure Time does, but the show is just as good.

The Marine 3: Homefront


Starring the Miz!  So we pretty much have to have it on this list.  The first Marine movie was a surprisingly enjoyable action movie.  Miz loves being in the spotlight so he’s bound to give it his all in any role, especially a starring one.

Tom and Jerry: Pint Sized Pals


There are lots of people online complaining that this is just for kids.  Well what’s wrong with that?  Two and a half hours of Tom and Jerry cartoons.  Some classic and some recent, but either way not a bad waste of time or money.


  1. I’m kinda shocked I haven’t seen any stores with exclusives for Wreck-It Ralph. The Disney Store product page has more than a few people complaining there aren’t any lithographs offered.

    • That’s always been one of my favorite things. To search the stores and see who has the coolest exclusive. Although Ralph didn’t get as much attention as it should have. No Sugar Land Princess I guess.

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