3000th Post.



Well, 3000th by me.  YAY!

This month Team Hellions celebrates its 4th birthday.  Its also the 6th year of Kevin Hellions, Blogger.  That’s what the business cards say.

Lets use this time of celebration as a way to look back and look into the future.

In 6 years I’ve been blessed with a lot of hits, and this thing I’m trying to do from the house has grown to be noticed worldwide.  Yeah, that’s right worldwide.  I can check where the hits are coming from and I’ve been lucky to talk with creators from around the world. Since starting this I’ve met, married and about to have a child with a wonderful woman.  Talked to wrestlers, comic creators and fellow bloggers that have enriched my life.  I want to thank all of you for coming to this site every day and supporting my dream.

What is that dream?  To be paid to write.  Whether its articles, comics, reviews, or who knows what else.  As long as I can sit down here and put words out to the world I’ll be happy.

So looking at the future, who the hell knows.  From what I’m hearing, babies cost money.  I know I know, I had no idea either.  Parents must have been keeping all of that secret from us non parents.

It may take me longer to get to 4000 or double this with 6000 and who knows how many posts from there.  This is a time of change.  Of making priorities.  Of getting rid of 10 boxes of 90s comics and just keeping those that matter.  That crib is going to have to go somewhere.

Above all else though is my thanks to all of you for supporting this site and sharing articles and leaving comments, and everything else you all do.  I would have given up on this a while ago if not for all the love and support out there.  Thank you all for 6 years and counting.

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