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Two League assignments this week!  To be sure that neither group would feel like I was playing favorites or sleeping with the other one, I’ve written them both up at the last moment!

This week’s secondary League assignment comes from our friends at Under Scoop Fire:

Write a blog post outlining what direction you’d take WWE in if you were in charge of Creative. You can be as detailed as you like, going with a broad overview or just a few bullet points of matches you’d make, pushes you’d give, face/heel turns you’d order, wrestlers you’d fire/promote, etc.


Fun fact, one of the first things I ever wrote online was a fantasy wrestling group.  Some friends got together and we all drafted wrestlers, then created our own groups and stories.  Mine was called New wRestling Group.  NRG.  Years later when NXT began it became a running joke that my idea was stolen.

Side note, if anyone could find this site let me know.  Pretty sure it was on Tripod.

So what would I do with WWE now?

Every Diva would be sent home.  For at least two weeks.  While home they’ll be instructed to find their true selves.  Change clothing, hair, everything.  The best gimmicks are an extension of true self.  The WWE Divas all run together into the same person.  If they were individuals fans would be more interested and more supporting.  Support can lead to buying merchandise with these women they now care about.  Take a note from the glory days of the TNA Knockout division.  Multiple women and none of them were similar.  Who do you want to cheer?   The blonde, the punk, the cougar, the girl next door, the trailer trash?  Who can you cheer in WWE?  There’s the blonde, the blonde, the twin, the other twin.

Have Dolph Ziggler win every match until he cashes in.  Close matches.   Challenging matches.  But in the end he still wins.  Build him up into the future World champion he is destined to be.

Do War Games.  Just once.  The match beyond.  Two rings enclosed by a giant steel cage.  Longtime fans around the world want to see this just once in WWE.

Bring back the Cruiserweight division.  Have the title match be the first match every week on Raw and Smackdown.  Get people excited to watch the show and have them tune in for the next 2 or 3 hours.

Turn John Cena heel.  Just do it already.

Take something from UFC.  Not submissions, not blood.  Give us rankings and make every match mean something.  Let the fans know who is not only the number one contender but also 2, 3, 5 and so on.  Offer bonus money for win of the night.  Gorilla Monsoon used to talk about the pay window.  Lets show it.  Show Daniel Bryan upset that he won a match by count out and only made enough money for gas.  Then the next show he’s more aggressive and determined to win the match by pin or submission.  Doesn’t matter who he’s wrestling, that match now becomes important.

I remember a shoot interview from a ways back with Raven.  He said wrestling booking is easy.  You fight for a woman, for money or for revenge.  If no one is fighting for that reason, what’s the point?

I like being surprised by wrestling.  When Jack Swagger came back I thought it was a joke but damn the character is great now.  So I don’t want to write a long piece saying they’re doing so many things wrong.  I enjoy being surprised.  But my gripes are ones that sadly never go away.   Womens wrestling is a joke in WWE.  Most matches don’t matter.  And John Cena talks way too much.


Lets see what else happened in this sub assignment:

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  1. LOVE that Diva idea.

    War Games would be better than 3/4 of the PPVs they put out now.

    Cena does need to heel.

    Cruiserweight Div would be good if they get the right stars, I know they are lurking. ROH would be plundered.

    LOVE the UFC/ranking idea. SInce I was a kid I’ve always wished they had a ranking or points system that lent credibility to the matches meaning something. When guys get DQed it means nothing, and we’ve blindly accepted that for too long. It’s still real to me dammit!

    Love that Raven promo.

    Great post!! Thanks for taking part, I admire your dedication (writing til all hours last night).

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