The League of Extraordinary Bloggers – Red.



Its time once again for another adventure from the League of Extraordinary Bloggers.  Lets see what Brian over at Cool and Collected has for us this week:

Photo Assignment: I’m seeing red!


What a fitting time to pay tribute to our soon to no longer be red room.  The second bedroom of our apartment is bigger but is also painted red.  Not the best or easiest color for a room meant to be restful.  Nor soothing to fall asleep to.  So we never made it our bedroom.  But, with a child on the way we see the benefits of the room.  Bigger. Warmer.  But so so red.  So the decree has come down that the room shall be repainted.

Damn shame too because the figures really popped against it.

Take a look:

Red01 Red02



See its a room fit for boys or girls!


Lets see how red the rest of the League got on St. Patrick’s Day:

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    • I highly suggest frequently checking Big Lots and the WalMart clearance aisle. I don’t think we paid more than $5 for any of that.

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