Soulfire #4 Review.

From Aspen Comics, JT Krul, Mike DeBalfo, Nei Ruffino, Josh Reed.

SoulfireV4-04b-DeBalfo SoulfireV4-04a-DeBalfo

Please check the archives of this site to see in depth reviews of previous Soulfire issues to see my thoughts on the writing and art.  The series has been going for awhile and we are at the “heroes regroup” part of the storyline.  This long term fans needs to geek out a bit.

While many other stories, in comics and other mediums, have created worlds of magic few broaden that concept like Soulfire.  This is a story of magic with all that fans have come to expect from that word.  Then the creators take the idea to all new places.  Magic is more than spells or potions or creatures that only exist in fairy tales.  The greater world of Soulfire finds magic in elements, relationships, emotion and technology.

None of this is symbolized more than it is shown in the character of Benoist.  This man has an amazing look, is a powerful voice in the comic, and should be headlining his own book.  Maybe next year’s 11 for 11!  As he recovers from the previous battle, Benoist evolves and with one sentence he accelarates the intensity of this title.  As he says,  “Don’t wake a sleeping giant.”  Magicians, end of the world, infighting among the good guys and now an angry woken giant?  While your friends are disappointed in flashy CGI fairy tales like Snow White and the Huntsman, we can all sit down and read Soulfire for a tenth of the price yet 100 times the enjoyment.

I hesitate to compare such a tale but the final pages of the book pushed it over.  Imagine Game of Thrones or the Lord of the Rings we’ve seen on camera but with unlimited budgets and effects that have yet to be created.  That is what the dragons who rise and attack at the end of this issue inspire.  So many artists see one style that works and imitate it.  Kirby.  The 1990s reptile alien Jim Lee creation that infected every reptile and alien art in all of comics all the way to the American Godzilla movie.  But then Mike DeBalfo creates these dragons that look unlike anything else.  I have never been excited to see this mythological creature but anytime I turn a page of Soulfire and see one of Mike’s dragons I get excited.  These are on my very very short list of original art I want to own one day.

Tune in next month for a review of the next issue of Soulfire when everything appears to be leading up to an epic battle that will rekindle the joy and excitement that comic book battles should have.

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