Deviled Eggs. A Very Hellions Easter!

Guess what I did today people?!  Me and the wife dyed ourselves some Easter eggs!  Lets take a look.


First of all, I had forgotten that eggs come in any quantity other than 12.  Which is even more ridiculous when I think back to the fact that I worked the dairy aisle of a major grocery store for a couple years.  Ugh.  I really need to do more with my life.  Anyways, Elise picked up all of these eggs.  Some went right into our stomachs.  But others made it through the first round of challenges and into the egg dye cups.


Feast your eyes on that glassware.  If there is anything people have given us as gifts more than anything else its cups.  Mugs, glasses, all of that.  I love them but I’ll admit we have a few too many.  That’s not to say we don’t want more.  Lets just rotate the collection.


Oh Elise you is so silly.  Giving rabbit ears to the Easter stuff.  Well done my silly wife, well done indeed.  (Not sucking up as there is little chance she’ll read this.  However, if I wrote a 20,000 word piece and in one sentence buried in the middle I say a woman is attractive that article will be read within minutes.)


Look at the Happy Easter couple!  Elise would like me to tell you all how benevolent she is for allowing a no make up picture to appear on the Internet.  But I loves her very much and I am very happy her preggie self set up all this fun stuff today.


Take a look at what helped us through the process.  I drank a lot of Pepsi.  Mostly diet stuff lately, but this is 90% a Pepsi house.  With Mountain Dew falling under that umbrella.  However, Sun Drop is making an impact.  Mountain Dew plus orange juice in a two liter bottle for only about 99 cents?  Yes please!   Also, Elise has been drinking the Cherry Limeade and Strawberry Lemonade from Walmart.  And we both enjoyed What’s The Scoop 2 from Under Scoop Fire.  Will West for the win!


Here we are about half way through the process.  We have some good colors and ideas coming through here.


Here I am with the green dye.  This was a learning process for me.  Again, I’m really not sure if I’ve ever done this before or not.  So there was some trial and error for colors and learning to use a white crayon for effects.  This blew my mind.  I didn’t have a clue how to do such things before but Elise is the craft master!




I know you cant tell from the limited details here but there is one hell of a design coming up on this egg.

In fact, lets check out that design right now!

Easter09 Easter10



That’s right lets start this off with some Green Lantern!  This one actually turned out pretty well.  I guess the secret for the white crayon is to use simple designs.  You’ll see why that is such a good lesson a little later on.



The little bundle of joy gets not one but two eggs.  Elise’s says Sachworm and has a squiggle while mine just says Sachy.  One day we’ll explain the meaning behind the nickname.  But yeah, get used to hearing a lot about him.




Sure, go ahead and call me a whore for my friends.  That is in fact an Aspen Comics egg.  Very simplified version of the logo but it was fun to do.  I’ll have to tweet it over to Vince later tonight.

Easter13 Easter14



Elise made this great two toned one.  E heart K.  I would write E ❤ K but everyone is pulling the “greater than” joke this week.  There, I stole your thunder!

Easter15 Easter16



Elise did the Superman logo one too.  I love it.  This reminds me a lot of the original Superman logo.  Shout outs to Siegel and Shuster!  Also, there are more red ones in the group picture.  That’s because I was trying to make a Team Hellions logo one.  Then Elise tried too. We both failed.  Too much detail for an egg.  Stick with straight lines and circles kids!

Easter17 Easter18



Speaking of keeping things simple, the Batman logo is not.  Its not too bad but coloring in the details doesn’t help things any.




Even the Easter eggs are celebrating equality on their Facebook pages this week.  I’d love to see an Easter eggs Facebook page.  Had so much to drink last night, got scrambled.




Now that I knew I should do simple designs I went for just some simple lines on this one.  I really had no idea what I was going for.  Just some lines.  However it did turn out kind of like a watermelon.  So lets run with that.  Look at my watermelon! How Eastery!




Here was my two tone attempt at Hulk and Bruce Banner.  Yeah, why not go from zero egg dyeing skill to expert level in an hour?  It didn’t work.  That’s supposed to be an angry Hulk face and Banner’s calm yellow face.  Didn’t work though.  Maybe next time.



Here are all of our eggs!  Remember guys and girls, sometimes the best memories are the cheapest ones someone else might think is boring.  But we all know better.


  1. Congrats on expecting, by the way!

    Honored we could be playing in the background at this Hellions family event.

    :”Sun Drop is making an impact” HAHA

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