The Trading Post!

This week the League of Extraordinary Bloggers is going to work on some trades!   Check out the official assignment, suggested by me but approved by Brian over at Cool and Collected:

League trading post.  Post an item (or items) you want to trade or sell. 


Well as many of you know, I’m soon to be a Daddy.  That means the second bedroom in which we horded all manner of books, toys, games, and more needs to be cleared out.  Not completely, but damn sure organized.

So I’ve already been making arrangements to get some of this stuff out of here.  Tell me if you like anything (for buy or sell) and I added a couple more things to the list.

I have a complete set of these Spirits of the Wild figures in package.  Check out Reis’s article on them for more details but come to me if you would like your own.


Also, we don’t play the video games we have.  So the Red Dead Redemption zombie one can go.  As can Brutal Legend.  PS3 versions.

I found the Star Wars radio plays on cassette at a goodwill store.  Return of the Jedi is still sealed too.

StarWarsRadio3 StarWarsRadio2 StarWarsRadio1



Here is what I already had up:

There is a little baby Hellion on the way.  We need to clear space at home and make room for the little guy (or girl).  That means make an offer, any offer for any of these items.  Tell me what you would like to pay, throw in some extra for shipping costs, and its all yours.

The wife says these items have to go!

Check this page frequently to see what we’re offering for sale.  I search thrift stores and garage sales for geeky items then pass them on to you!  Make an offer, add on a small shipping and handling fee and then it is off to you!  Every penny goes into this site.  Plus you get a new toy!  (Or book or DVD or whatever.)  All reasonable offers considered.  Be the first!

Some of the items currently available:

Empowered Graphic Novel Volume 1

Empowered Graphic Novel Volume 1 (yes, there are two copies of this).


Empowered Graphic Novel Volume 2


Space 1999 paperbacks collection.

Mankind Have a Nice Day by Mick Foley.  Original WWF logo hardcover.

NASCAR Monopoly (Sealed).

All of this and more!  Check back often to see what’s available.  Send an email to to make an offer.


And here is what everyone else has up!

Calvin’s Cana­dian Cave of Cool  I really want this Katniss Barbie.

Secret Agent Spit­ting Cobra  Some really cool Batman stuff here.

Cool and Col­lected  Loving the Thundercats ColorForms and the Thor “doll”.

My Vin­tage Toy­box  I like the Beastman, the Punisher and Despero.

Stunt Zom­bie  You know, I’ve been meaning to get back into Savage Dragon and this figure would look nice if I do.

For­tune and Glory Days  I’ve never even seen a carded figure, let alone owned one!

AEIOU and Some­times Why  has a nice Jean Grey car and some cool looking games.

Neato Coolville  I have to imagine Brian already has his eyes on these Spacemen.

Shezcrafti I so don’t need more comics but Jim Balent Catwoman issues already bagged and boarded are tempting.


    • Well I don’t “need” anything but it is very cool. I’ll look through more collections for possible trades or whatever is easiest.

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