Grace Randolph’s Supurbia #6 Review.

From Boom Studios, Grace Randolph, Russell Dauterman, Gabriel Cassata, Steve Wands.


Once again the Supurbia crew have blown me away.  There is so much drama.  So many story arcs are being built.  Grace’s writing is worthy of AMC’s greatest shows.  Russell can show any emotion and action humans (or other) are capable of.  Flashbacks with their own color palates, an incredible collection of fonts, and the claustrophobic cacophony of laughter.  Never forget the Colorist and Letterer!  Without Gabriel and Steve this comic would not be at the top of the pile every month.

There are so many stories going on all at once.  Any one of them would be enough to support its own series.  Hey Boom, any chance of a whole Supurbia franchise?  Its near impossible to pick one favorite character anymore.  I’m disappointed that every issue isn’t longer because I want more of each tale.  The thoughts that go through my mind for the month in between issues enrich this series.  I could come up with 100 possible scenarios for what I think will happen next but Grace will think up the 101st one and surprise me each and every time.

Where to even start?

It could be Eve White still in awe over the whole super hero world and just how cosmic that world becomes.  (Trying so hard to be spoiler free here.)  I have no doubt Eve will make a mistake, and again no doubt that Ruth will be there to capitalize on it.  How about Hunt Tech and the watchful eyes of Alexis?  I’m sure she would be watching her husband a little more but Night Fox is… I don’t even know where the hell he is.  Night Fox’s story has so many crazy ideas and concepts I think Grace was influenced by whatever crazy gods influence Grant Morrison at night.

Russell is nailing every one of these ideas too.  There’s the expressions of Eve, Ruth and Helena that just make me scream at the panels. Or the ways he shows how much Eli is changing.  That whole swimming scene is so powerful.  Then there is the moment, that jaw dropping moment when the work of every one creates something grand.

This comic does Wonder Woman better than Wonder Woman.

There is a scene with Batu that is heart breaking.  She is down, down in a way that only has two outcomes:  Death or merciless revenge.  I have no doubt that if this story arc was done in a Wonder Woman comic it would be an all time classic.  Yet here’s Supurbia giving the readers multiple great tales like this in every issue.

Cant wait for next month and issue 7!

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