Why Did I Hate Horror As a Kid? The League!

This post is part of the League of Extraordinary Bloggers.  Once a week a topic is given by Brian over at Cool and Collected.  Got a pop culture blog?  You can be a member too!  Head over to Cool and Collected to read all the posts and join in on the fun.


This week’s topic is:

What piece of pop culture did you HATE as a kid?

While I put “horror” in the title I should really say anything scary.  Horror, gore, the works of the prince of lies and lord of flies.  Ol’ hornhead (no not Daredevil).

I was raised Catholic, went to Catholic school from K through 12 and church every Sunday.  Now, however I interpret things now and whatever I believe aside of course certain teachings had an effect on my life.  Even more so at a young age.  So there is a God and a devil and the devil’s greatest trick is convincing us all that he doesn’t exist.

So my childlike mind hated all of that stuff.  Anything that seemed demonic or occultist or evil was something I had to avoid with every baptized in faith bone in my body.

Lets take a look at the things I hated because I didn’t understand theatrics, wasn’t in on the joke, didn’t realize people can write, draw, perform creepy things without believing in them:

Slasher movies.

Alice Cooper

Really, most good metal – Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osborne, Dio, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, and so much more.

But worst of all, black and white comics!  Really anything other than the all in color Marvel and DC.  Those other comics could have adult themes, like sex!  And too much violence and gore.  Maybe even ideas my little mind cant handle.

Really, all of this is ridiculous looking back.  Had I not switched my brain to enjoying art for art’s sake (in all its forms) there may be no blog.  I could watch Star Wars and read Marvel comics and that would be it.

Also, I’d probably be pretty weird.  Not in the fun way that most of us are, but in the creepy do I want you around my kids way.


You know who you always want around?  Fellow League members!  Lets see what everyone else had to say.


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