Jirni #1 Review.

From Aspen Comics, JT Krul, Paolo Pantalena, Brett Smith.

JIRNI-01a-Pantalena-2x3 JIRNI-01b-ReservedEd-2x3

Aspen Comics has released comics starring humans, other dimensional beings, ninjas, super heroes and so much more.  Now thanks to Jirni, they can add something that no one else in comics is doing:  Genies.

Jirni is a great first issue and hopefully just the beginning of an all new epic from Aspen.  Ara is obviously the star but some incredible world building is already taking place.  We are introduced to Ara’s sidekick, her… family?, and of course one bad ass D’jinn.

JT Krul does a great job of making us care about Ara and the rest of the story as if this is the one hundredth issue of a beloved title.  There are so many tales that could come out of this initial issue and its a thrill to get in on the ground floor.  Ara is poised to become the next great female character in comics.   A list already dominated by Aspen.

Paolo creates a stunning world.   Ara is strong and beautiful.   Sure she looks great, but also strong.  How on earth does one draw a sympathetic warrior?  I’m not sure I would even know where to begin but Paolo nails it.  The Genie is an innovative design and I look forward to much more.  There’s so few new things in comics but this genie is as far away from the Robin Williams type as, well, you or I are.

All of it is brought together by Brett’s colors.  Holy shit Brett, I would say you did it again but you didn’t.  You went beyond that.  The palate is so light and sheer.  His colors have the tangibility of the thinnest richest fabric.  Can I nominate him for some best colorist awards?

If you came here to see what Jirni is all about, go buy it and read it!  The book is only a dollar.  Don’t buy the Cheez-Its at the work vending machine and get on board a much more satisfying Jirni.

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