First Impressions. The League.



This week the League of Extraordinary Bloggers has a deceptively simple question:

You never get a second chance at a first impression–what moment in pop culture had you saying “Now, that’s how you make an introduction!”

There is a secret to making an introduction.  Whether its comics, wrestling, cartoons, MMA or whatever have you, there is a proper way to do it.  Its a way I have studied for years.  I have referenced it in many reviews.  However, maybe its time to fully explain this thing.  This thing that I call:

Dragon Ball Z booking.

“Booking” as in the wrestling term for scripting matches.  There is a guy, or many guys, in the back who decide who will win and how.  These are called the bookers.  Vince McMahon, Eric Bischoff, etc for those of you not as obsessed as I am.  Now lets say they see a guy working the local independent wrestling shows, or an incredible athlete from another sport – MMA, wrestling, football – who has unlimited potential for stardom.  The best way to introduce this guy and make an immediate first impression is to have him come in and destroy another wrestler.  Preferably a wrestler who has been around for a much longer time.

For example, the debuts of the Undertaker, Kane, or Brock Lesnar.





Now that is how you make an entrance!  Immediately this is a guy you want to do more about, see more on TV, and most of all spend money to watch.

I call it Dragon Ball Z booking because it reminds me a lot of the first time Trunks appears on the classic anime DBZ.

I was watching Dragon Ball Z on Toonami back in the day and loving it.  Huge super hero battles featuring the destruction of whole parts of Earth and eventually entire planets.  Just as one villain is defeated a new more powerful one shows up.  It really was a fun show.  In the middle of it all was a villain called Frieza.  It took over 30 episodes to complete this saga.  Every hero tried to take on Frieza and were defeated.  Goku, the main hero of Dragon Ball, sacrificed himself in the final battle.  It was an incredible story.  But then  Frieza returned and Goku had not yet come back (as all heroes do).  Suddenly a new warrior appeared.  This boy called Trunks showed up in front of not only Frieza but also his father, King Cold – who was more powerful than his son.  If it took almost 40 episodes to defeat Frieza, with Goku then is there any hope to defeat him and his more powerful Dad, without the help of the strongest hero?  All hope was lost…


Then this kid Trunks kills both of them in the time of one episode.  This kid is now bigger and more powerful then not only anything the heroes have seen before, but he takes out King Cold who should have been more powerful than the same anything they’ve seen before.  So he’s doubly bigger.  Suddenly a new major player is in the game.

And dammit that’s the way it should be done.  Don’t squander new characters, build them up!  Don’t be afraid to have more people at the top.  Everyone wants to see people at the top battle it out.  If only two people are at the top, shit gets boring.  But if we have 3, 4, 5 or more people at the top suddenly things get interesting.

The Cylons defeat the humans, but then the Cylons fear someone.  Holy shit this is going to be interesting.  The Doctor has defeated all of these aliens and then here come the Daleks or the Cybermen who even he fears.  Red Hulk punches out the Watcher.




Well, we can debate that one.


Hey who made an impression on the rest of the League?

(Thanks to Cold Slither for having this list together.)

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