Blacksparrow Auctions Presents the Vintage Toys and Pop Culture Auction on April 28, 2013.

Hello fans and friends.  Our friends over at Blacksparrow Auctions are featuring an incredible auction this April 28th.  Head over to the official site for all the details and an online version of the auction catalog.

I wish I were smart enough to grab the images from the catalog but that’s just all the more reason for you to head over there yourself.  Tons of great CGC comics will be available.  The coming of Galactus in a 7.0?  Yes please!

Adams Family home Aurora models kit!

An original Masters of the Universe Castle Greyskull still mint in box!

Sealed mint original Star Wars figures!

I would call every thing in here a cherished collectible and an investment.  None of the items in here could ever be questioned.  They are true treasures geeks like you and me would be privileged to own.

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