Charismagic #1 Advanced Review.

Coming May 1st from Aspen Comics, Vince Hernandez, Vincenzo Cucca, Mark Roslan, Emilio Lopez, Josh Reed.

Charismagic-01a-Randolph Charismagic-01b-RET-Randolph Charismagic-01d-RetailerSpecific

Welcome to the second volume of the Charismagic series (well third because there was Death Princess as well, but you know what I mean!).  This book is a huge number one issue that continues from the successful first series.  Also, as part of Aspen Comics year long 10 for 10 event this bad boy will only cost you a dollar!  Its the best deal in all of entertainment.

Speaking of deal, there’s no better place for deals than Las Vegas and that’s where we’re finding our hero Hank.  In the last series Hank realized that he’s not just a stage magician with some extra powers, he is a full on conduit of magic.  Joined by the outrageously beautiful Sudana (incredible work Vincenzo) and my pick for the greatest animal in all of comics, Sparkles.

When last we saw our heroes they were on the cusp of the hidden realities of magic bleeding through into our real world.  Well when this issue starts magic is hemorrhaging all over that which we thought we knew.  Speaking of what people thought they knew, everyone thought they knew who they could trust and the seeds are planted in this issue for many a deception.

One of the things I’ve come to love from Vince’s writing is his unending creativity.  There is never a shortage of new original characters in a Vince Hernandez book (or in any Aspen book really).  This issue’s introductions of Munchy and Dealer had me excited.  Just a couple of pages and I already cant wait to see more of these two.  Hell, Sparkles got a one shot book maybe the Adventures of Munchy and the Dealer is imminent.

Then the end of the issue wakes the reader out of any dreams of a simple adventure for these characters.  This is going to be bad.  Very very bad for anyone on the lighter side of magic.  Vince and company definitely have the pedal all the way down going into issue two and many a pencil will be broken in the excitement to tell this frenzied tale.

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