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This blog post is part of the League of Extraordinary Bloggers.  The League is a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn’t commit.   They call themselves, the Cool and Collected team.  Also, they’re a bunch of bloggers who love to write about geeky things on anywhere from a daily to weekly basis.  We all congregate once a week to answer one question.  This week’s question is:

Comic Books.


Alright, not really a question but we’ll continue on anyways.

I was aware of comic books as a youngster but not really on any level other than the way kids now know of Batman, Superman, or Spider-Man.  They may not be able to tell you what a comic book is but they know all about super heroes.  One fall day in 1987 my family was taking a vacation that involved a long flight.  My Mom told me to go ahead and buy something to read so I bought a comic.  One.  For a three hour flight.  As you can probably guess, I finished the comic before the plane even took off.  With nothing else to read I re-read the comic.  Again and again.  I even read the things you’re not “supposed” to read.  Every bit of the ads.  The letters page.  Some guy named Stan on a soapbox.  And by the end of it I was hooked.  This was a world I wanted to know more about.  I bought more and more comics and read every bit of them.

Which works out great for any kid who has no athletic skills what so ever and is too smart for his own good.  I don’t mean it to come across egotistical, but come on… If you’re reading this and/or are a fellow blogger chances are its because you read and write well and often, thus smarter than many others.  Come join me on Smart Hill for the rest of this story.

I discovered a local comic book store and despite being younger, I was accepted and encouraged to be part of conversations.  Not only did I learn more about comics, but I discovered things I wouldn’t have otherwise – movies, music, and literature.  This led me to seek more and more knowledge which in turn led me to become smarter and gave me a goal in life.  I want to be a part of this world.  If I wasn’t consuming information I was learning how to create it.  Writing, drawing and other failed projects and mediums.

Loving comics and being a geek led to my biggest friendships.  We all loved comics and could talk about not only Marvel and DC but also life, girls, goals and fears.  Once dating I knew if relationships were good or not based on the girl’s reaction to comics.  Cant love my interests, cant love me.  So when I found someone who already loved Neil Gaiman but also sat me down to watch Doctor Who and BSG I knew I had someone special.

Our first date was Iron Man.  We just went to see Iron Man 3 together.  We’ve already bought super hero shirts and toys for the soon to come little guy.

My Dad never knew how to relate to me until he started watching all of the Marvel movies, and getting excited about it.  Finally we had something to talk about.  Suddenly he saw that comics weren’t just some kid thing.  He understood.  The fact that he went into a comic shop on his own, and continues to do so, astounds me.  (Huge credit to Third Eye Comics in Annapolis for this one.  We’ve all been in shitty comic book stores and thankfully this is not one of them.  Incredible store.)

I wouldn’t have anything in my life without comics.  It created my relationships and sculpted me into all that I am today.  Hopefully some day I can give something back.

Lets see what the rest of the League gave back to this topic:

(To be updated with full list)


    • Very very cool. It was a damn good book. As I decide what to keep in my personal collections, Spectacular Spider-Man has always been a book I’ll continue to own.

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