Executive Assistant Assassins #10 Advanced Review.

From Aspen Comics, Vince Hernandez, Jordan Gunderson, Charlie Mok, Teodoro Gonzalez, Josh Reed.





Oh you probably want a more in depth review.  Well this is the end of the Extinction story line and its one hell of an ending.  I have experienced many ups and downs from Aspen Comics but this one is the most shocking.  I was floored by the events of this issue and still a day later cant believe what I read.

Vince knows I’m a fan but holy crap did he nail this issue.  10 issues of EAA to build up to this and knock fans for a loop.  I can just picture him in Southern California typing away with a devilish grin waiting for longtime readers to send him pissed off emails and picketing in his driveway.  He even makes the villains lovable.  Rose is definitely my favorite Assassin and there is no good reason she should be.  But damn I look forward to her crazy antics every month.

Maybe part of my love for Rose is my theory that Jordan loves her as well.  He seems to go the extra mile on her panels to make her drop dead (quite literally) gorgeous.  Can someone get on the phone with the Cosplayers at the Aspen Project and see if they can do a Rose costume?  Then send me pictures?  Actually, I could get in trouble for those pictures with the Mrs.  But I digress… this issue had some amazing work.  Every single Executive Assistant looked incredible.  As my wife put it, they put the ass in Executive Assistant Assassins.  Thrice!  But the women are strong, sexy and powerful.  Everything WWE tried to tell us their Divas are and then failed.  Aspen Comics doesn’t fail.  They deliver issue after issue of great stories and great art every single time.

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