#WorldsEnd – The Compilation

Back in March, Twitter companion and all around good guy, Josh Hewitt, started something really great called Worlds End. He asked a bunch of writers he’d met through the writing community on Twitter to come up with short stories in which our world was slated to die in two years from the impact of an invading planetary body named Ragnarock. We couldn’t save the Earth, and by setting that stage, helped usher in a series of great stories thus far, that exposes humanity at its core and beyond. In this post, you will find links to a full explanation as to what Worlds End is, bios on all the writers and their wonderful stories. Pull up a seat, and treat yourself to Worlds End!

#WorldsEnd – An Explanation

Prelude to Worlds End

Bio – Chynna-Blue Scott

“Starvation” by Chynna-Blue Scott

Part One: “The Window at the End of Time”

Bio – Kristen Strassel

“The Gathering” by Kristen Strassel

Bio – Gina Denny

“Serenity” by Gina Denny

Bio – Dave Williamson

“The Commuter” by Dave Williamson

Bio – Megan Orsini

“This Is the Way the World Ends” by Megan Orsini

Interlude: “Last Laugh”

Bio – Cheese

“Last Laugh” by Cheese

Part Two: Under the Shock of It All

Bio – Julie Hutchings

“The Cherry” by Julie Hutchings

Bio – R. Scott Whitley

“Lay Still” by R. Scott Whitley

Bio – Heather Truett

“Counting Sunrises” by Heather Truett

Bio – Angi Black

“Outlaw” by Angi Black

Bio – Sarah L. Blair

“Lucky 13” by Sarah L. Blair

Bio – Rob Kristoffersen

“The Last Deal” by Rob Kristoffersen

Interlude: “Like a Woman in Love”

Bio – S.H. Aeschliman

“Like a Woman in Love” by S.H. Aeschliman

Part Three: “Down Among the Dead”

Introduction – “Down Among the Dead”

“If Tomorrow Never Comes” by J. Hewitt

Bio – Darci Cole

“Jesse’s Girl” by Darci Cole

Bio – Beau Barnett

“New Beginning at the End of It All” by Beau Barnett

Bio – Suzanne Gale

“Spoil” by Suzanne Gale

Bio – Carey Torgesen

“Where Happy Begins” by Carey Torgesen

Bio – Jodi Leigh

“Gumball” by Jodi Leigh

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