Grace Randolph’s Supurbia #7 Review.

From Boom Studios, Grace Randolph, Russell Dauterman, Gabriel Cassata, Steve Wands.


Alright, I try to write about the skills and talent for a creative team when I review comics.  I’ll talk about the writing, the pencils, the colors, the inks, the lettering.  All of it.  But there are two problems when reviewing Supurbia.  One, I have said these things many times before and after reviewing every issue its a little tough to keep coming up with new ways to say these creators are awesome.  Secondly, I am just too wrapped up in the story to separate my feelings anymore.  So lets just go crazy.

The issue starts off with Batu realizing the truth behind the Daughters of the Bright Moon.  There is nothing good that could come from this.  To come so far in life, to be possibly the most confident woman alive, and then to find out all of it is a lie would destroy most people. Batu has so many wounds after this ordeal and the strongest people are usually the last to ask for help.  She is going to need so much help. Batu will need to be weak in order to become stronger and the worst part of it is, she will most likely be the last to admit any of this to herself.  The scene with her and Jeremy in the bath is absolutely heart breaking.

And this is only one of the stories in this issue!

The growing angst of Sara and Zari is going to turn into a massive storyline.  I’m not totally sure what Grace’s rules for this world are but if time travel is allowed I would not be shocked to see these two age very quickly and in ways that will shock fellow long time readers.  We were already given a tease of their futures in a previous issue and the seeds are all over this one.  I’d give anything up for the opportunity to write a Supurbia spin off book so I can play with these characters, but no matter how incredible my ideas may be, even if they were Eisner worthy, it wont compare to what Grace has in store.

Then there is this whole alien summit thing going on!  Ruth is manipulating Marine Omega and Eve into place but I have no clue where its going.  An intergalactic war could break out and the most common of characters, our gateway into this world, might be at fault for all of it.

Finally Agent Twilight gets in far over his head and the last page review is right up there with Elektra turning out to be a Skrull.  All of these stories in one issue!

Supurbia is not for light readers.  You have to work and think while reading and that makes the title great.  There are subtleties and things that take place off panel and so much more that makes every issue resonate for a month until the next one.  I’m going to just sit here for 30 more days and continue to be amazed.

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