Everybody Do the Riker!

This started popping up in my Facebook feed last night.

Now I’ve picked on Star Trek before on this blog but truth is I do have a respect for it.  As a weekly show with some movies there were some ground breaking episodes and well crafted sci fi that turned a mirror on our lives.  However, there is a lot of crap mixed in there too.  But I will most likely watch every series and every show on Netflix sometime soon in order to earn the Star Trek marathon merit badge for Geek Scouts.  (Holy shit that’s a brilliant idea and don’t you dare take it!)

Anyways, despite my somewhat interest in this and the millions of fanatic fans it seems no one caught this until this week.  Check out many scenes from Star Trek the Next Generation in which Riker sits in chairs.  In the most bizarre way possible!


Seriously, what the fuck is that?  He swings one leg over the back of a chair to bring it forward and then sits down in nut crushing manner.  I’m assuming its an acting choice, the chair sitting of the future.  But maybe this is how he sits at home.  Thanksgiving must be a blast.  People will be staring the next time he enters a restaurant.

Is Riker-ing a thing yet?  If not give it a day.  Even better, post pictures or links below to people sitting down like Riker.

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