7 Second Preview of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD is Up! Who is the Super Hero?

Alright, lets look at the preview and then discuss.


SHIELD agents fighting, investigating, action packed show.  Alright, we all expected that.  #CoulsonLives.  Cool, but the geeks already knew and the casual fans will just think, “I thought he died, eh, whatever it looks cool.”

Later tonight there will be a longer commercial.  I’m hoping for 30 seconds but if I were to dream a full minute would be incredible.

The thing that really gets me is in the first second of the video.

Shield Image



Who is this super powered being?  I mean he jumps out of a building and lands very safe, thus he has some sort of super strength.  He jumped out as well, not flew, so he probably doesn’t have any flying powers.  He’s wearing a hoodie, tan to yellow pants and appears to be a black man.

I really.  I mean really really really really hope its Luke Cage.


Way far out there secondary theory, former Avenger and New Warrior, Rage.


What do you all think?  And lets debate again when that other trailer goes up!

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