On a Deserted Island for 10 Years. The League.


Its another week for the League of Extraordinary Bloggers.  The League is a motley crew of bloggers hell bent on answering one post a week.  That post is provided by Brian over at Cool and Collected.


He releases the tapes on Monday and we have one week to answer before the message explodes.  Lets see what this week brings us:

You are stranded for 10 years on a deserted island. You can take with you the following:

One food item (in a never-ending supply), one movie, one game, and one pop culture character. 


Damn.  Well I could say I’m going to eat dirt, learn all I can about archery and come back to Star, sorry Starling City as its savior.  But this isn’t the Arrow blog.

So lets take these things one at a time.

One food item.

I was wondering how specific to be on this.  At first I was thinking sushi for an answer.  I disqualified it for two reasons.  One, if I’m on a deserted island chances are there’s seaweed and fish readily available.  Why use my one food item on something I could potentially have the resources to make myself?  Two, I thought sushi was too broad a term.  No where near specific enough.  Then I read Brian’s answers and he gave a rather broad answer of “Firehouse Sub”.  Well damn the door is open now.

I’m going to say burritos.


This is inspired by a recent and first time trip to Taco Del Mar.  I live in Upstate NY and no where near any authentic Mexican food.  But I do love taking a tortilla and putting delicious food inside of it.  The best part about them is that when laid flat it doesn’t appear to be enough food, then the local taco god starts to fold and the fattest most delicious wrap of food is before you.  All four food groups can be represented!  Also, the people in this restaurant were so nice and the food was delicious.  I felt full but not aw-full.  Many days later and I’m still craving it, so we’ll roll with that answer for now.

One movie.


Oh no question, its the Avengers.


A random issue of Solo Avengers was my third comic ever bought.  Featuring Hawkeye and Dr Pym.  Then I saw these same two characters in another comic later on, and they were on the same team!  But they were also fighting!  I bought that issue of West Coast Avengers and never looked back.  The Avengers were the first books I bought in back issue bins.  I loved even the lamest of characters.   They were perceived as a joke at the time.  Everyone loved the X-Men and that was about it.  Never in my life did I think I would see any of them on the big screen.  Or a small one.  Then years later I’m a child again seeing Hawkeye up on the screen in what became the number three movie of all time.   I have already watched it a ridiculous amount of times and will continue to do so, deserted island or not.


One game.


To go with something for fun or to keep my mind sharp?  Tough decision.  While I really want to say chess just to keep my mind sharp it may not be as much fun as I had many nights and summers in my youth playing this game.  HeroQuest.

HeroQuest01 HeroQuest02

There will be an in depth write up about this game at some point on the site.  I loved setting up all of the pieces and playing each quest mutliple times in order to do things differently.  Also, we grossly misread the rules and may have had an orc assault many times during the game.  (See, the rule was actually to summon all of the orcs currently on the board.  We read it as all of the orcs in the box.  A fun mistake.)


One Pop Culture character.


This is going to be tough.  It has to be one character who can be a companion, a friend, a help, and pretty much anything else I need.  Also since my wife isn’t a pop culture character I need to make sure to not upset her with this choice as well.  But I think I found a perfect answer no matter what my, ahem, needs may be.


Mystique01 Mystique02

Think about it!  Missing a loved one, friend, or celebrity?  Boom, Mystique can appear as that person for you.  She can also (under more recent powers) alter her body into many shapes and forms which can be used for survival.  She’s over 100 years old and I’m sure has 10 years worth of stories to tell around the island campfire.  Plus, being completely fictional means no angry wives (and of course Mystique would look just like her).


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