Soulfire #5 Advanced Review.

From Aspen Comics, JT Krul, Frank Mastromauro, Giuseppe Cafaro, Mike DeBalfo, Nei Ruffino, Josh Reed.

SoulfireV4-05a-DeBalfo_1 SoulfireV4-05b-Mhan_1

First off for those of you who have read and enjoyed my Soulfire reviews before.  Yes, there are dragons and yes they look amazing.

This is the first Soulfire issue that let the characters talk and have their moments.  I haven’t read Soulfire from the beginning but I have read enough to know about these characters and their world.  To see them all share their doubts, their concerns, over what needs to be done to defeat Grace makes this my favorite issue of Soulfire so far.

Their world is a world of magic.  They have centuries of rules and expectations behind that and yet in this battle it proves to not be enough.   They need to add technology to what is already there in order to become strong enough to win.  It may have been done before, but the writing really shines here.

Soulfire becomes more than a tale of a war in the world of magic, and instead provides a mirror on our changing society.  Your parents or grandparents (or maybe even yourself) don’t understand the technology that has become so prevalent and invasive.  I remember when my grandmother walked into Best Buy and said she may as well be in a spaceship.  They worry that society is losing something.  People don’t look at each other during dinner, they look at their phones.  We stare into screens more than faces.

Its the same idea that is splitting the characters in Soulfire.  Some of them not only embrace the new technology, but get off on it as well.  Others feel that this addition is not actually making them stronger, but in truth destroying that which they already have.

One of the best drawn comics on the stands now becomes one of the deepest reads as well.

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