Preview of Jirni #2. Coming May 22 from Aspen Comics.



All of Aspen’s 10 for 10 titles have been great but I am really enjoying the hell out of Jirni.  Another strong beautiful leading woman from Aspen.  Good news, she brought along some incredible creators to tell her tale.  The entire creative team brought out an incredible first issue and the second one looks just as pretty.


Don’t take my word though, feast your eyes on some preview art and then the official word from Aspen themselves.


JT Krul ­ Story / Paolo Pantalena ­ Art / Brett Smith – Colors

Take an incredible JIRNI with Aspen’s newest hit series!

Discover a whole new world of adventure! As Ara’s fortuitous quest
continues, her path is shrouded in mystery. Upon arriving in a remote
village struggling to survive through desperate times, she discovers someone
who might offer answers to the questions that torment her. But as Ara has
learned time and again, nothing shall come easy in this unrelenting world.
Will she have the strength and courage to venture into the pit of darkness
itself to find the truth – not only about her missing mother but about
herself as well?

After years of preparation, creator JT Krul is ready to take you on a JIRNI
unlike any other! Accompanied by the incredible talents of artist Paolo
Pantalena and colorist Brett Smith, this is one JIRNI you won¹t want to

JIRNI #2 is in stores May 22nd, 2013!


01_JRN1-02-prev 02_JRN1-02-prev 03_JRN1-02-prev

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