Executive Assistant Assassins #11 Review.

From Aspen Comics, Vince Hernandez, Giuseppe Cafaro, Mark Roslan, Teodoro Gonzalez, Josh Reed.

EA_ASSASSINS-11a-Cafaro_1 EA_ASSASSINS-11b-Oum_1

After the events of Extinction the Assassins get a bit of a break this time.  Well at least in the present.  This issue features the origin of Lotus and it is not a pretty one.  By combining old and new ways, Lotus becomes more dangerous than either way could ever be on its own.  She will need those skills to thrive in this world she has been forced into and most importantly to achieve revenge.

I’ll try to remain spoiler free here but I do have a complaint.  There is just so much going on in this issue.  I understand that certain things need to be introduced that will pay off later.  The next issue features an all new Assassin and I’m sure many of the things we’ll learn about the Assassins over the next couple months will pay off.  However I would have loved to see Lotus’s story take place over more issues.  A few more issues would have made me care for her father, feat the Tiger, and love Lotus even more.  Thus all of the turns would have impacted me that much harder.  No complaint against Vince though.  Its a spectacular one and done story and if wanting more is the biggest complaint I have, well then I hope he takes that as a compliment.

There is some fantastic energy on the page. Well, there always is with the assassins but even more so here.  Lotus is stuck having to rebuild after the events of Extinction and only by knowing where she comes from can readers know where she might go next.  Between bullets, explosions and blood there is no stopping to catch your breath.  Giuseppe draws Lotus like her life mantras come from the Wu Tang Clan.  As in, she ain’t nothing to fuck with.

If you’ve been on the comics internet today you know yet another woman got put in a metaphorical refrigerator.  Take your 52 dollars and spend it on fine Aspen Comics like this.  Strong women, excitement, great writing and art.  Plus you should really get on board this title now because next issue’s debut of Daisy looks insane.

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