Top 4 of NXT 5/29/13

Oh yes, I’m back.


This episode was rather depressing. It was like the final send off for the men, and lady, they decided to release. Briley Pierce, Sakamoto, Audrey Marie, Derrick Bateman, and Brandon Traven all had the opportunity to make an appearance. I’ll never understand the obsession with hiring more and more while not working on talent who have it. And I will never forgive the decision to release Derrick Bateman. This is a man I believed in since the first NXT season he made an appearance and I continued, and will continue, until he is old and broken and can no longer wrestle. Speaking of Derrick Bateman, he’ll be at an IPPV on June 30th, which I’m going to, but you can order it here.

Alas, I can not put Derrick Bateman’s match on the Top 4 list this week. At less than a minute neither really were showcased. Even as Scott Stanford’s voice over boasts that Derrick Bateman comes in with a new haircut and new attitude, unfortunately we don’t get to see it last. Though he gets on great dropkick in at the very beginning, but now I’m feeling misty eyed.

The other match I didn’t bother putting on this list: the battle royal. Come on, that was a waste of eight minutes. No talent was actually put over in any way. They made Conor O’Brian look strong before actually taking that away from him and it was a, “Look, here’s Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas,” show. If you are going to have 8 minutes of a wrestling match, better to cut it down to 4 and actually show off the men and their talents rather than 18 and have the first 6 minutes be nothing more than a who’s who of going out of the ring.

4. Travis Tyler & Sawyer Fulton vs. Wyatt Family

I know absolutely nothing about Tyler and Fulton, but I can’t say they were bad in the ring. Unfortunately this was the match that says, “These guys are about to be on the main roster, so pay attention.” As in, the Wyatt Family, of course. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan show off their skills, to the best of their abilities in about two minutes. Tyler and Fulton do well to give them someone to interact with, but unfortunately, as with many NXT matches lately, this is about showcasing one group and not the other. When did NXT start turning into a carbon copy of Raw and Smackdown?

3. Garrett Dylan & Scott Dawson vs. Brandon Traven & Jake Carter

Okay, first, it’s TRAVEN, and they spelled it TRAVERN. I don’t care if he’s been released, show some sort of professionalism and get the damned name right. They spelled it wrong on his name and for his twitter handle. This doesn’t make Traven look bad, it makes the company look bad for not caring at all about the editing process. Second, why the Hell isn’t Scott Dawson on the roster webpage? I’m positive he wasn’t one of the ones released two weeks ago and his name is nowhere to be seen. Third, it’s about time they gave Garrett Dylan something to do! Yeesh. Not only do they seem to give Garrett Dylan a tag team, with Scott Dawson, they even gave them a manager in Sylvester Lefort, who may speak with a heavy accent but looks to be a formidable opponent. At around 4 minutes they actually had the chance to truly showcase talent, and it’s nice to see them doing something with Jake Carter, but why this? Either way, Dawson and Dylan win this match and hopefully are the start to something great.

2. Commentary

Yup, commentary. I may have lost Scott Stanford on commentary, but lucky for me every once in a while I get a dose of Tom Phillips, who has been paired with Brad Maddox on NXT every 2-3 weeks. Tom Phillips strives to become one of my favorites ever, but likely because he reminds me of Scott Stanford. Sorry if this means he’ll be in WWE Hell for a long time, because talent just isn’t utilized the way it should be. Tom Phillips and Brad Maddox have great back and forth between the two of them, take jokes and jabs in stride, and when they slip up the other is there to catch them. During the Battle Royal they are joined by Big E Langston, who speaks at a bare minimum but comes off as if he’s actually thinking before he speaks. You know, like he cares. I’d rather listen to this team for three hours than anyone else they currently have on commentary.

1. Audrey Marie vs. Emma

This may be Audrey Marie’s last match, but she does a wonderful job at being as close to the center of attention as she can. Granted, it’s hard with Emma there. Emma has fun with her dancing skills and her attitude in the ring, even fights some bubbles coming in and out of the ring. Emma’s so far out there and it’s kind of a nice change of pace. Emma may not be AJ Lee crazy, or Jillian Hall ditzy, but she’s found a happy medium that works for her. And the divas decide to make the match fun and entertaining without missing a step. I’m sorry to see Audrey Marie go, it’s matches like this that made me realize how far she had come, unfortunately WWE decided not to see it through. However, we can keep our fingers crossed for Emma, who has a talent and charisma right off the bat. It helps she has that music.

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