BubbleGun #1 Advanced Review.

From Aspen Comics, Mark Roslan, Mike Bowden, David Curiel, Josh Reed.

BubbleGun-01b-RET-Bowden BubbleGun-01a-Bowden

I have been waiting for BubbleGun ever since the first preview art was released.  I had so many ideas for the comic that nothing could come close to all that I envisioned.  Thankfully this first issue was nothing I could have ever conceived of.  Its even better.

100 years from now technology has advanced just as much as the last 100 has.  1913 didn’t have 90% of the things around you right now.  They just flat out didn’t exist yet.  This title has some unbelievable concepts but no more unbelievable than someone in 1913 would have found an iPhone.  So thieves with special technology and implants is exactly what’s ahead and Mark Roslan creates some great sci fi here.

Molli is the perfect introductory character.  She’s young, but new to the team.  The team of “cyber mercenary thieves” has been doing this for awhile but Molli is still being treated with the kid gloves.  Or bubble gloves as they may be.  Her sister Devyn is the team leader and incredibly protective of her sister.  There is a secret love to enjoy and a secret plot to destroy them bubbling up all around the team.

I’m sold on the series from this first issue.  It has the feel of an American Anime, but is also its own beast.  Molli is an adorable ball of energy that readers wont be able to help loving.   Bad things are sure to happen over this series and I cant wait to see Molli grow into the next great Aspen Comics heroine.

Mark and Mike have some beautiful world building here.  This future world has its own technology, fashions, and rules which make for one of the most realistic future stories you’ll ever read.  I keep feeling like I’m on the ground floor of something new here.  This is the feeling readers had when picking up Joe Madureira’s first issue of X-Men.  So many questions, and the only thing known for sure is that this is the start of something brand new in comics.  Molli is going to be a start and she’ll take her daddies Mark and Mike with her.

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