Screwed #1 Review.

From Zenescope, Tyler Kirkham, Keith Thomas, David Miller, Oracle.


You never know what to expect from Zenescope.  Good covers always, but how are the stories inside?  Screwed is honestly a bit of a let down.  Anne wakes up to find out she’s been stitched together.  In fact, it even took some lightning to get her to revive.  Just in case the Frankenstein analogy hasn’t come through yet there is a panel in which “Doctor Shelly” is paged.  Mary you have a call on line 1…

Is she hallucinating or is everyone actually a piecemeal monster?  No way to know yet.  Anne is being chased by FBI Agent Erin Scott, Secret Agent Simon and the horrid looking Suture.  One of them will be an ally but we don’t yet know who that will be.

Its this unknown that works against the comic.  Stories should be well paced and not reveal too much information all at once, in order to hook the readers.  However Screwed has scenes that seem to just be there for shock and not part of the larger story.  Everyone is revealed to be a monster.  Of course the government agents have their own agendas.  Anne wakes up with super powers but somehow adapts quickly to them.  So quickly in fact that she takes out other monsters who in theory have had their own similar powers longer.  Its entirely possible there will be a great explanation for all of this in future issues.  The problem is this first issue didn’t give me enough to want to read those ones.  The story should be interesting.  But instead of wanting to know what comes next for Anne I’m left ambivalent to it all.

I’ve read other work from Tyler Kirkham in the past and enjoyed it.  The art had a lot of great panels with stunning art.  But none of it gave me enough to get invested in this story.

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