Bring Back Children’s Television Hosts. The League.



Its another week for the League of Extraordinary Bloggers.  Lets see what this week’s assignment entails:

Bring it back! What product or media property would you like to see revived, and how would you imagine it being different today.

The things I want to see revived are too big for one property.  I want to go back to my youth when every Saturday morning had a host.  Someone we loved but adults hated who introduced cartoons and played games and if we’re lucky also had guests we were interested in.  Bring back the local market Saturday morning kids TV hosts.

When I grew up we had WWNY in Watertown, WSTM in Syracuse and the New York stations – WPIX, WNYW, and WWOR.  Every single one of them at various times had kids television hosts.  Very few League members will remember some of these, but they bring back such fond memories.  Watertown’s Danny Burgess show.  The short lived other Watertown station and the Kaboose Club.  The WSTM Showboat.  The DJ Kat show (That’s a D and a J and a kat with a K so you better stick around ok?) and Steampipe Alley.

Here’s some YouTube videos I unearthed of these classic shows.

Seriously, I’m having a blast watching these.  Its like the glory days of horror movie hosts, but in the morning.  A friendly host, and some cartoons, then maybe some games or questions or all sorts of fun.  Best of all, there was the magic of television.  While watching it at home it seems amazing.  A whole other world and anyone who gets to appear on it is an immediate source of envy.  Then, if you were lucky, you got to be on the show too.  And this fantasy world became real but no less exciting or magical.  How do they make all that cool stuff appear on a blue screen?!

This is something that really needs to come back.  So many cartoons and movies are dirt cheap for local television stations to buy.  Most of them already air them.  All they need is a host.  In my fantasy world where the wife and I run our own comic book shop we advertise by sponsoring the Saturday afternoon or night movie on the local TV station.  Of course I’ll appear as the host.  Film scenes in studio and bring in lots of comic book stuff for the kids.

Its really a requirement for the next generation.  How else will they learn to love the lesser Hanna Barbera creations or terrible B monster movies?  I damn sure want my little guy to have a love of Gamera.

So what do the rest of the League want to see?

The Comixverse

Calvin’s Canadian Cave of Cool (which I think I was calling Cal’s Cavalcade of Cool before, and apologies for that).

3B’s Toy Hive

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pop pop its trash culture

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Cavalcade of Awesome

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Nerd Rage Machine

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The Mos Espa Collection


  1. I miss these kinds of things. Sadly, there’s a huge move away from local and/or live television of this sort. It seems like it would still be a hit. I know a few years ago the Adult Swim bump pages sort of had a “life” of their own and it made the shows seem more inviting. Why is it so hard to do that with a real person… or a puppet? Stick Stickly!

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