Grace Randolph’s Supurbia #8 Review.

From Boom Studios, Grace Randolph, Russell Dauterman, Gabriel Casata.


Damn you Grace!  Seriously I cannot believe how much happens in this issue.  I want to call or email her directly and give a page by page breakdown.  But instead here’s this blog post for all of you to read.

Eight issues into this title, plus the previous mini series and this is a pinnacle of the book.  With the events of this issue I have to place Supurbia at the top of the great and “boring” pile.   Allow me to explain…

We – you reading this, me writing this, and the people who make comics – are all incredibly smart.  We’re literate, creative, open minded and constantly seem more information.  Which means we all know people who are the antithesis of all that.  People we have to work with, go to school with, or are related to.  I’m talking about the people who sit down to watch The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones and unless 100 people die they think the episode was stupid or the aforementioned “boring”.  These people do not understand character development.  They don’t get the slow build.  They cant savor a story and enjoy the ride to the payoff.

Supurbia just paid off everything that has been going on.  And there’s still more to come!  Helen, Hector, Sara and Zari all have huge scenes that are maddening.  I want everyone online and in the comic shops to also be reading this title so we can debate each and every twist and turn.  I haven’t been sure what was happening with some of these characters along the way but I couldn’t feel more rewarded for the journey.  All the things I have loved are here.  Huge things happening for some characters meanwhile other events are set up for their teammates that will no doubt pay off in upcoming issues.

Plus Russell hits all of my favorite beats.  Every time I open up a new issue its like seeing my favorite band live.  His pacing, the way he designs every body differently, the facial expressions I have loved from issue one — every bit of it is like hearing the hit singles.  Then he does something like the splash page of this issues.  Crackling with magic and energy and flooring me.  His splash pages are like traffic lights that never change.  Legally, you have to stop.  But the longer you stop the more details of what’s in front of you come through.

You’ll notice this doesn’t tell you anything about what’s going on within the comic.  Good.  If you don’t know, go back and buy them all and get caught up.  If you do know then by all means email me or add me on Facebook so we can geek out about this together.

Most of all lets say how upset we are to wait 30 days for issue 9 which is going to be even better.

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