Full Spoiler Review of The Walking Dead #111.

From Image Comics, Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard. 


When we discuss The Walking Dead here we discuss it with full spoilers.  Over 100 issues later we all know that Robert and Charlie are great.  I cant say anything about their writing or art that hundreds haven’t already said.  So lets discuss what’s going on in the book.  If you don’t want it spoiled, look somewhere else on the site.  For those of you who have read the issue, carry on. 



Holy shit!  

Seriously, how many times do I have to start a Walking Dead review with that?  Well as many times as they do something amazing.  Rick, Jesus and everyone else continue to assemble their armies against Negan.  Its going to be one hell of a battle when it all comes to a head but this issue shows something unexpected. 

It shows Negan as a human being.  Sure he’s horrible and has his own perverted sense of justice.  But he has his own code.  Its really crazy and doesn’t make a lot of sense yet.  But, the more we learn about Negan, it will.  He rewards certain actions and removes any who act differently.  Its fucked up to be sure.  However there’s something sort of noble about the guy.  He may have even saved Rick from a future enemy.  

We know that when this battle happens someone is going to have to die.  That’s just the way of the Walking Dead.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Negan kills everyone in the community.  Now that its his “summer home”.  Jesus is probably marked for death.  Most of all though, I still think we don’t know everything that happened between Carl and Negan.  It would not shock me if Negan spared Carl’s life in return for taking Rick out.  Usually a son would want to protect his father.  Rick’s lessons and example thought may have led Carl to believe that saving the group is more important than the individual. 

I remember where I was when I read issue 100.  Its about to be just that hot outside again but I am fully expecting to feel cold when I read the inevitable upcoming death. 

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