Interview with Mark Roslan, Creator of Aspen Comics’ BubbleGun.

Aspen Comics has a year long program called 10 for 10.  10 all new titles will come out 10 months this year and the latest title is BubbleGun.  BubbleGun is the brand new cyberpunk comic book on the shelves and right now its also the only one.  Fans of cyberpunk, future stories, amazing heroines, and great comic book stories need to pick up the book that was just released on Wednesday.  Even better, the first issue is only a dollar.  
This week the creator of BubbleGun, Mark Roslan, was nice enough to sit down with Team Hellions for an interview about BubbleGun, corporations, the importance of a great artist, and why BubbleGun and Molli are like nothing else on the stands today. 

TEAM HELLIONS:  BubbleGun is so unique.  Where did this idea come from?

MARK ROSLAN:  First of all, thank you! I knew from the start that I wanted to try writing something that was different from what was currently on the comic shelves. I have a folder on my computer where I’ve written down story ideas that have popped up over the years. Sometimes it’s just a sentence or an simple thought, but then those grow into stories. I read through them and I had a heist story idea jotted down from what must have been the same day I watched the first Mission Impossible movie with Tom Cruise. It was really cool, but it wasn’t fresh enough. Then one random night I was watching the Blade Runner Director’s Cut DVD and it really made me want to a cyberpunk story. Like…really bad. There was no great American cyberpunk story on the shelves, and I wanted to change that. That same night I couldn’t fall asleep until I wrote out what became the framework of BubbleGun. The excitement from the world, characters and overall story hasn’t let up.

How does it feel to add Molli to the list of great female lead characters in Aspen Comics’ arsenal?

Oh yeah, it’s a great feeling! I really hope people will come to love her as much as I do. She’s a spunky character that is a real pleasure to write. Molli is quite different from the other Aspen female leads, and I think she will come to stand beside the best in the overall comic book community. If I have it my way, Molli will be around for a long time.

BubbleGun doesn’t take place in the cliche dreary gray future that is too often used in all media.  Molli’s world, much like herself, is bright and full of possibilities yet both are hiding something just underneath.  As spoiler free as you can be, how many twists and turns can readers expect to see as they get to know Molli and this world a little better? 

The world of BubbleGun is a character all itself. I really wanted to play with the future visually being this bright and cheerful place, but underneath it all, it’s a dark and corrupt world. I was tired of the leather trench coats and grimy metal we’re accustomed to. I didn’t want the world these characters are in to visually remind them how crappy things are, but rather comfort and lure them in a bright neon glow before it snaps and crushes them. Molli is still pretty young, wide-eyed and innocent and we learn of this false-happy world through her eyes. I think when we’re younger, we all think we are invincible, but you come to learn that you’re not and that the world is a scary place that can drag you down. Molli and the team will be tested early on in this initial story arc, and she’ll have to grow up real fast. We get to know the characters more in issue two, are treated to some insane action in issue three, and there are two major twists that I’m very excited to see printed.


BubbleGun has something that all great sci fi contains, a message about things that are going on in present day.  In Molli’s world corporations have all the power.  Is there a message within BubbleGun or do you think its just the natural direction we’re all heading in? 

I definitely think we could be headed towards a corporate control type of world. I didn’t want to slam people on the head with that notion, but it’s something we should be concerned with and it’s an underlying thought in the pages of BubbleGun. For one example, look at how Google started to where they are today. I’m not saying they are taking over the world, but look at that bright and colorful logo 🙂

Only one issue in and you’ve already created an immense world.  How long have you been planning BubbleGun and how deeply do you already know this world? 

A:  I’ve been working on the story for two years now. Not everyday mind you, but it’s been growing for a while now and I’m still adding to it. I really like to get involved with the characters backgrounds and motivations before tackling the issue breakdowns. While I’m going to focus on Molli, it’s technically an ensemble book. Each character has their own path and motivations and each one will grow after the fateful night you’ve read in issue one. BubbleGun isn’t an origin story, so I had to get things set before jumping to this point in the timeline. 

Mike Bowden has given Molli and her teammates an original look.  How has his interpretation of your idea influenced your plans for the comic? 

A: Mike is a godsend. I knew BubbleGun had to have some bounce and flavor to the artwork and I feel very lucky that he agreed to work on the title. He’s been great with trying to match what I’m thinking (which isn’t easy when you’re building a futuristic world and making up words to describe things) and he’s able to add in his own unique style that one-ups what I was aiming for. I feel in comic books, your story is only as good as the artist and I’m extremely fortunate that Mike Bowden is shaping this world. I think my passion and excitement for this book has remained as long as it has because of the pages Mike has been turning in. I go back on my dialogue just to match the emotions in the characters he’s been putting on paper. I feel like I’m pushing him and he is pushing me. The same goes for colorist David Curiel. He’s the perfect match for what I had envisioned in my head and when he agreed to work on the book, I literally jumped up and down in the office.


Finally Mark, lets tease the fans.  Tell us something that will make them want to pick up every single issue and put it at the top of their to read piles.

I really don’t think there is anything like BubbleGun on the stands and readers will be rewarded with each issue’s high level of entertainment. From a fresh story, to interesting characters, with amazing pencils, colors and lettering, BubbleGun has everything you’d what from a comic, and then some. Comic books have the luxury of not having a limited effects budget like a movie has, so with this sci-fi action adventure story the whole creative team is pushing the envelope of what to expect from comic book visuals. There will be some unexpected twists and magical moments that only multiply as the series continues. I think if you’re not hooked with issue one, you definitely will be with issue two. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk Mark.  Hopefully everyone discovers this incredible new title.

My pleasure and thank you for talking with me. And quickly, if you’d like to check out some behind the scenes art and more, please visit the Aspen facebook page or “Like” the BubbleGun page at

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