Preview of Executive Assistant: Assassins #12.



Coming next week from Aspen Comics!

Daisy is in the house!!!!

Ever since Daisy was seen in previews I’ve been awaiting this day.  The newest, deadliest, hottest? Executive Assistant is about to fly off the racks and stab you in the back all while smiling.  She doesn’t turn heads, this girl snaps necks.

Read on to hear all about her and look at some oh so pretty preview art to whet your appetite for next week.


EA_ASSASSINS-12b_Cucca-2x3 EA_ASSASSINS-12c_Qualano-2x3

Vince Hernandez ­ Writer / Lori Hanson ­ Art

Introducing Executive Assistant Daisy!

A new direction is forged in the EA Universe with this new four-issue story
arc featuring Daisy – a new breed of Executive Assistant born and raised in
the wealthy upper crust of New Orleans. When her father’s physical and
emotional abuse become too much to endure, Daisy finds herself alone,
confused and in danger – until a savior arrives to rescue her – or so she

EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT: ASSASSINS #12 is in stores June 2013!


01_EAAS-12(line)2 02_EAAS-12(line)2 03_EAAS-12(line)2[1]

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