Top 4 Images from Aspen Splash 2013.



Recently Aspen Comics released their latest swimsuit spectacular, Aspen Splash 2013.  Full of the best work from the artists you’ve come to know and love from your favorite Aspen Comics titles.  There are far too many great artists, and great characters  to name them all.  Fans of Fathom, Soulfire, Executive Assistant Assassins, all the 10 for 10 titles and more will find their favorites on the pages within.

There really isn’t a good way to review a pin up book like this so we’re going to try something different.  Without regard to characters or artists I’ve picked what I consider to be the four best pieces of art from this comic.  Feel free to debate and add your own in the comments.

It was tough for me to pick only four.  I love every artist in this book but I just went with immediate “holy shit that’s amazing!” reaction.  Times four.  Lets see who made the cut:

Honorable Mention:

Molli (art by Mike Bowden and David Curiel)


Molli probably would have made top 4 if there was some background art.  The figure alone is fantastic, but compared to some of the other picks I wanted a little more.


4.  Grace (art by Sana Takeda)


Its a dragon!  A fucking beautiful looking dragon!  The art is unreal and so is that dragon yet the sheer amount of detail brings it to life.


3.  Executive Assistants (art by Ryan Odagawa)


Three times the sexy deadly action.  And look at that sign.  Shame this “picture” was taken mere moments before they adhered to the law.


2.  Sudana (art by Vincenzo Cucca, and Mirka Andolfo)


Longtime readers know the way comics get into my heart is to have an awesome cat in the pages.  Sparkles appearance almost made this piece number one.


1.  Iris (art by Siya Oum)


Holy shit!  Is there anything Siya cant do?  She always posts pictures online and I’m always left with my jaw on the floor.  A great last page of the book and a great number one pick.

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