Charismagic #3 Review.

From Aspen Comics, Vince Hernandez, Vincenzo Cucca, Mark Roslan, Emilio Lopez, Wes Hartman, Josh Reed.

Charismagic-03a-Cucca Charismagic-03b-Reserved_eBas

Charismagic is the perfect comic book for anyone who grew up in the 80s.

Before Vince Hernandez comes after me let me explain:

Remember discovering Thundercats or Silverhawks or Transformers etc the first time?  The deceptively simple idea that builds and builds and becomes more complicated yet never strays away from the original premise.  Plus a guarantee that every episode will feature something brand new, a never before seen character or idea or series changing event.  That is what Charismagic is bringing with each and every issue.

The first volume started off simple:  a magician discovers that there is real magic and he is part of it.  Deceptively simple concept that led to magical wars, a beautiful and magically powerful woman, and present day comics’ greatest talking animal.  Now in the second volume every issue gives readers something more.  A fairy, a giant lion, an entire world that can only be accessed through the smallest portal imaginable.

Plus every character is necessary for the larger story.  This whole series is like a greatest hits CD.  All killer, no filler.

Just like those classic cartoons I see people revisiting Charismagic over 30 years later because its that much fun.  I want figures and playsets and a new issue every weekday during the entire school year.  Put down all of your constant reboots and new versions of your childhood favorites.  Pick up the modern day version of that which you loved so much.

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