Jirni #3 Review.

From Aspen Comics, JT Krul, Paolo Pantalena, Brett Smith, Beth Sotelo, Wes Hartman, Josh Reed.

JIRNI-03a-Pantalena JIRNI-03c-Ebas-RET_Sketch JIRNI-03b-Basaldua_Reserved

Its the third issue of Jirni and the things that I have loved and been impressed by from the beginning not only continue to shine but in only three months have somehow become even better.

The first thing to hit your eyes is the greatest color palate on the comic book stands today.  It is astounding to see the leaps that have taken place in coloring.  If this alone is the reason comics have gone from 10 cents to four dollars it is worth every penny.

I have given credit to Brett many times before and the trend continues with this issue.  Huge credit to Beth and Wes as well.  But it would all be impossible without Paolo’s art.  I read a lot of comics every month and there is just something that combines on the pages of Jirni to make what I feel is the best looking art in comics every month.  Shading, pacing, panel layouts, and gorgeous ideas on every page.

No one does big like Aspen and this issue is no exception.  My jaw dropped over the dragons in Soulfire but Anjaha, the D’Jinn, may just trump that.  Huge, powerful and a terror unlike the world has ever seen before.  This is a creature that fears nothing, or at least shouldn’t.

Once the reader sees the chains which limit the god like power of Anjaha this limitless monster turns into a heart breaking victim.  That is some damn good writing.

There has been a lot of great things happening in comic books this year, and with SDCC fast approaching we’re about to see many more.  It would be a travesty to leave Aspen Comics 10 for 10 program off of this list.  Comics like Jirni are paving the way for not only regular comic readers but also giving something original to interest the new fans every company seeks.

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