Fathom The Elite Saga #3 Review.

From Aspen Comics, Vince Hernandez, JT Krul, David Wohl, V Ken Marion, Kyle Ritter, Mark Roslan, Josh Reed.

FATHOM_TheEliteSaga-03b-Caldwell FATHOM_TheEliteSaga-03a-Marion

With the third issue Fathom: The Elite Saga becomes a celebration of the 15 year history of the Fathom franchise.  While the previous two issues have shown whole new locations under the sea and entire new beings for Aspen Matthews to contend with, this issue showcases the enemies who have come before.

Aspen has most of her fights under sea, and there are no refrigerators in site.  As if an incredible heroine wasn’t enough her antithesis is just as strong, just as powerful, just as incredible, and just as female.  Aspen and Kiani are no longer enemies after this issue.  They’re so much more.  Thankfully the term “frenemies” didn’t yet exist when Fathom made its debut on the comic stands (and can we go back to those days, please?).

However, its not a bad term for what changes between the women in this issue.  They are no longer just rivals but instead Aspen and Kiani become opposite but necessary halves of the same larger world.  Without both of them, there will be no success.  Reluctantly both women realize it but have yet to fully accept it.

Of course it doesn’t help when a blast from the past comes forward to reveal what has truly been going on.  Long time fans are going to go crazy with this revelation.  No worries to new fans though, the writing team does an incredible job of getting everyone all caught up on all the necessary information from the last 15 years.  Seasons don’t fear the reaper and comic readers shouldn’t fear getting deep into the Fathom lore.

Finally, I’ve written a lot about these creators before but V Ken Marion is new to Aspen Comics and absolutely nailing it.  Here’s to hoping he’s already locked down for a series after this and those fans hooked on Aspen Comics can look forward to more.

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