The Walking Dead #112. Full Spoiler Review.

Here when we talk about The Walking Dead we talk about it with heavy spoilers.  There is just too much going on in this comic to dance around it.  Also over 100 issues in with the same artist and writer we know they’re both great.  Now lets get into discussing the story.

Again, here there be spoilers.  If you haven’t read or aren’t caught up, look away.



Are they gone?


Well well well.  Doesn’t Negan prove to be more complicated than we all originally thought.  Last issue he gutted Spencer and this issue we see even more of his skewed sense of right and wrong.  While Negan is making life horrible for Rick, he at least respects him on some level.  Rick is out hustling, doing all he can to protect his people while still plotting to take Negan down.  Its a hell of a plan and there’s a good chance that there will be casualties and mistakes.

Well prepare yourselves for that, because it starts now.

Rick fucked up big time.  Not that he knew.  I only had a feeling he fucked up because of the October ads shown at Image Expo that guarantee all of us an all out war that Negan and Rick are still part of.  That means Negan cant be killed in July.

But they still came close and fooled me.  Rick rallies the troops, he sees an opportunity, and the panel design is perfectly done.  All of us were fooled into thinking Rick shoots Negan at point blank.  Then there is the next page reveal.  It wasn’t Rick’s gun but instead Rick’s gun being shot out of his hand.  Negan has snipers and guns and so much more than any of us ever dreamed.

This puts into danger everything that Rick has been planning for the last year.

If Negan has had snipers and spies hidden in the wasteland just outside the Community today then it is within reason to believe they have always been out there.  That means they saw Rick and Jesus meeting.  With everyone.  They know who is loyal and who the traitors are.  All of the planning is gone.

Not before Negan punishes Rick of course.

Something will happen in the next issue.  Negan has shown that he has the power but that’s not enough.  He will be killing someone.  Or one character is going out of here without a limb.  Bad bad things are about to happen in the next issue.  It may just be Rick’s darkest day.  I remember reading issue 100 in the summer heat last year and growing cold with Glenn’s death.  I expect issue 113 to do an equal number on me in the August sun.

Now how about the preview image for the October all out war?





Um, are you all seeing all of that?

That is definitely Michonne’s katana all covered in blood.  This could be good or bad for our heroes.

However most striking is that patch on the jacket.  Survivors.  Isn’t Negan’s group called the Survivors?  But that is not a picture of Negan there.  That is damn sure a skull and cross bones of Carl.  Hole through the head and everything.

Is this how that thing we all think will happen is going to go down?

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