Kevin Hellions WWE Money in the Bank 2013 Predictions.

Once again I am giving predictions as part of Solace Winter’s PPV pick ems!  Be sure to follow @SolaceWinter if you love intelligent wrestling conversation.

I usually do a big write up on these but forgive me tonight.  I have one hour to write it, the Zimmerman verdict was read and the news is nuts, plus I have some paying gigs to write and more baby preparation.  But I still need to tell the world who I think will win!

  1. The Shield vs. The Usos  There is no way The Shield aren’t keeping titles.  The Usos are good and getting better.  They will beat a lesser team for those belts one day.  Tomorrow is not that day.  Winner: The Shield.
  1. John Cena vs. Mark Henry  Nothing against Mark Henry, but John Cena didn’t hold that belt for a long time.  He’s not losing it any time soon either.  Winner:  John Cena.
  1. Alberto Del Rio vs. Dolph Ziggler   This belt was taken off of Dolph way too soon.  Sure, he had the concussion.  Del Rio is doing very well as a heel again.  But Dolph deserved better.  I predict Dolph will regain the title, but he will also be the one to lose it to who ever wins the World title briefcase.   Winner:  Dolph Ziggler.
  1. WWE Championship Contract Ladder Match (Raw)   Does anyone think this will be anyone other than Daniel Bryan?  No one else has had any sort of build or direction.  Winner:  Daniel Bryan.
  1. Chris Jericho vs. Ryback  I could not possibly care.  Good for Jericho to keep coming back and use his legendary status to get over new talent.  But in the interim he has lost any credibility.  I don’t see him winning anything anymore, and that’s a damn shame.  Winner:  Ryback.
  1. World Heavyweight Championship Contract Ladder Match (Smackdown)  This one at least has some potential.  Jack Swagger is the only one to previously get a sniff at that World title.  Kane would have been a good easy pick.  I’m going with Wade Barrett.   Mostly because before his arm injury I thought for sure he was in line for a run with it.  There was faith in him then and I believe its still there.  Winner:  Wade Barrett.

(NOTE: If you think the person who replaces Kane might win, but aren’t positive who it is, I

will allow MYSTERY to be an answer on this one)

  1. Curtis Axel vs. The Miz  The Miz is back in a title match for no good reason?  Remember WrestleMania?  Too much is being spent on building up Curtis but he is still not big enough to be over without Paul or without a belt.  Winner:  Curtis Axel.
  1. AJ Lee vs. Kaitlyn  AJ just got the Divas title and she is still the biggest star of the division. Also, who ever wins it next will be someone on that Total Divas show, which Kaitlyn is not on.  Winner:  AJ Lee.
  1. Who will be the second-to-last person to attempt the briefcase in the Smackdown ladder match?  Antonio Cesaro.
  1. Which match will the Wyatt Family interfere in, if at all? (“Not” is an acceptable answer as in they will not interfere with a match)  One.
  1. How many ladders will be broken through the whole PPV?  5
  1. Who will be the first person to climb at least halfway up during EACH ladder match? (Give me two names!)  Christian and Dean Ambrose.

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