BubbleGun #2 Review.

From Aspen Comics, Mark Roslan, Mike Bowden, David Curiel,  Josh Reed.

BubbleGun-02a-Bowden BubbleGun-02b-RET-Brooks

BubbleGun is going to read so well in trade.  This second issue was insane.  Just as I thought I understood who was who and where the story was going a betrayal blindsided me.  Although that’s kind of what blindsides are supposed to do right?

First issues are wonderful and totally necessary to introduce new characters and new worlds.  However a good second issue, and thankfully more to come, really allow these characters to grow and shine.  Molli especially, the BubbleGun herself, literally jumps into the lead role within this issue.

The events of this issue really were a shock.  As if the discovery of the true package in the previous issue wasn’t enough then there is the shocking turn that will lead to more troubles than a bubble shooting gun can solve.

The creators of BubbleGun really get to run with this issue.  The technology on every page excites the reader’s mind in that innovative summer movie way.  The swipe computers in Minority Report, Avatar and now BubbleGun with holograms and flying vehicles and computer minds.  Mark doesn’t have to give any conflicts or plot in this series.  Just show off the world.  But I’m damn happy he’s building this battle and growing Molli into a warrior.

I constantly debate which of this year’s 10 for 10 titles are the best and I’ll admit Molli wasn’t in the running at first.  But damn this second issue just floored me.  There is no point in even thinking of favorites until these series are complete.  However, if Mark or Mike want to email me and let me know what twists and turns are coming I have no doubt Molli and BubbleGun will be an early lead.

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