Fathom: The Elite Saga #5 Preview.

I know!  The issue came out last week but I’m working 6 days a week and having a baby next month!  There’s been a lot going on.  However the people at Aspen Comics have always been so amazing to me I want to always show off their comics.  So take a look at the preview for this issue and stay tuned for the review.

FATHOM_TheEliteSaga-05a-Marion FATHOM_TheEliteSaga-05b-Caldwell FATHOM_TheEliteSaga-05c-Turner_Ret

Vince Hernandez ; JT Krul ; David Wohl ­ writers / Ken Marion ­ pencils /
Kyle Ritter – colors

The most epic storyline in Fathom’s 15-year history reaches its finale!

The future of the Fathom Universe will be forged as Anya’s quest to reunite
with her kidnapped – and extremely powerful – daughter brings her to a place
that Aspen Matthews remembers all too well. Here, in the place where it all
started, the battle for the baby’s life, as well as their own, will be
waged‹and no one is certain to survive!

Aspen newcomer Ken Marion is joined by an all-star group of past and present
FATHOM writers, all coming together for a FATHOM story 15 years in the
making! Plus, fan-favorite artist Talent Caldwell returns with a stunning 5
part interconnecting cover that all leads up to an unbelievable new
direction in the All New FATHOM Universe!

FATHOM: THE ELITE SAGA #5 is in stores July 17th, 2013!


01_FAES-E5-CMYKcrop 02-03_FAES-E5-CMYKcrop

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