I Heart New York. The League.



Its another week and its late Sunday night which means its time for me to write another answer for the weekly question from the League of Extraordinary Bloggers.  Check out this week’s question:

It feels like the first time… Write about your first experience with something. 

Alright, I really really want to write about my son.  But he isn’t born yet.  So therefore, technically, I have not yet seen him.  Plus once he is born this blog will be overwhelmed with baby posts.  Remember all the wedding posts last fall?   Yeah, a pittance compared to the deluge of Lil Hellions posts which will be birthed soon.

So what is something that I experienced for the first time?  I’ve written about my first year reading comics, and the first ones I bought.  I believe I’ve also talked about watching WrestleMania III dozens of times.  I cant tell you the first GI Joe or He-Man or etc I had but I know I loved them all as a child.

Therein lies the problem.  Maybe I shouldn’t think of things from my childhood.  What is something I fell in love with as an adult?  No no, I cant say my wife because the first time we met we were both dating other people.

I’ve worked places, I’ve gone to cities and historical places and shows and all sorts of things.  So this has to be a real stand out moment.  Then it hit me.  The thing I saw and my jaw dropped.  The thing that I cant wait to experience again.  And that thing is….

The City.

Concrete jungles where dreams are made of!  There’s nothing you cant do!

Yes.  The City.  Don’t call anything else the City.  I once dated a girl from San Jose (okay, Los Gatos) who thought that The City meant San Francisco.  Not even Los Angeles, which I might be able to forgive.

I remember the first time I saw the skyscrapers and the expanse of it all.  I had been in the Bronx before for a Yankees game, and gone through the numerous airports.  However while taking a bus trip into New Jersey there was a stop through and in Manhattan.  I can still picture it years later.

Out of every iconic building in New York it was not the Empire State Building or Chrysler or anything else that would be expected in such a story.  No no, it was this building.


I know!  And honestly before writing this article I thought the building housed the New Yorker magazine when actually its the New Yorker Hotel.

My first reaction upon seeing the skyline and that big red sign was, “its real!”  I know, I sound ridiculous.   But I grew up on WPIX and WWOR.  Every day the TV showed scenes from the City.  Things happened there!  My family read the Post and the Daily News.  Everything was exciting and interesting.  Madison Square Garden.  Marvel Comics!  Now I had confirmation that it was all real.  If Spider-Man had swung by at that moment I would have believed.

Thus began my love of New York.  I want to go to every pizza place, every little book store, wander down every street and just see where it leads.  I want to be the guy who knows certain places as well or better than those who have lived in the City all their lives.  It is the most beautiful place on Earth and I’ll never think otherwise.

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