Well…. for 7/29/13.

I should really title this one Well….. where the hell have you been Kevin?!

First of all, I would still love a Well…. logo if any of my readers are so inclined.

Second, you can all thank Will for making me feel missed and prompting me to force myself to find the time to write something.  Head over to his site  http://www.williambrucewest.com/ to thank him.

Alright so its been about a month since I’ve been able to write a Well column.  There are a few reasons for this which I’ll get into in this column.

Before I get into that though a note.  I love to write.  I’m embarrassed and upset that I haven’t been able to find the time to write.  Not only for this site but also for others which I am trying to write for and get my name out there more.  I will not go away or give up though.  Sometimes life gets so crazy its impossible to do anything.   The last couple weeks have been just like that.

The first thing that happened was the flood.

A month ago Central New York was hit with a ridiculous amount of rain.  Rivers and streams flowed over their banks.  The ground was saturated and not a single drop could be absorbed into the soil.  All of that rain had to go somewhere and the where was inside any and all buildings in its path.  One of those buildings would be the warehouse of the company I work for.  (Well store I work at.  “Company I work for” implies I have crazy things like steady pay or insurance or respect.)  I cant name names but its a small chain of stores in this area and yet not so small that the loss of the warehouse doesn’t hurt.  There’s a lot of damage and a lot of stock gone.  Co-workers are still working on the clean up a month later.  Due to people I work with getting pulled out of the store to go help with this clean up my hours have shot up.  Longer shifts, extra days.  I’m only getting one day off a week and its usually Sunday.

The other main time demand is the baby.

He’s not here yet, but he called from the womb and is giving an ETA of two weeks.  We (Elise and I) emptied out the bedroom and the second bedroom/”library” of everything and dumped it all in the living room.  Then the library was cleaned and painted.  All furniture had to be taken apart and we’re now living in the library.  It was always the bigger bedroom but it used to have dark dark red paint and was not conducive to sleep.  Now its a pleasant baby blue and fast becoming my favorite room in the place.  The old bedroom will become the new library and has led to me trying to get rid of a LOT of stuff on Craigslist

Lets take a look at all that I’ve done.

Here is the room cleared out of stuff, but still with the red paint:



And here is the room about halfway through.  No white on trim yet and hadn’t hit the corners:



Finally here is how the room is looking today, after a ton of sweaty work and long hours:



That’s the little guy’s crib which we built.  My Captain America shield and a super hero blanket (two of them!) which were Baby Shower gifts.  Oh and that’s the computer I’m currently typing this on.  Thank you honey for taking the picture I needed for this article!


My days are usually up at 7, work 8 to 9 hours, go home and prepare everything I can for the baby plus helping Elise and then its time for bed.  If I’m lucky Elise falls asleep before I do and I can write for an hour before I pass out.

Oh but, she has been taken out of work.  Doctor’s orders.

So I’m now the chief breadwinner in this relationship and that’s scary as hell.  She’s always made more than me and I’m okay with that.  I work hard and do lots.  Its not my fault she got a raise and I didn’t.  But now its all me.  Then there will be childbirth and “disability” pay (that is the word used but really seems inappropriate) and we’re looking at maybe two months of my retail paychecks being the sole finance.

It might go without saying, but I have not been sleeping very well at all lately.  This is a lot of pressure.

However, I am doing so much.  I see things I didn’t see before.  My priorities are changing.  I can focus and concentrate and prioritize like never before.  Its crazy how much responsibility I’m learning going through this whole parenting things.  You know what?  If only every teenager in America was forced to get knocked up they could all learn some responsibility and grow up.  This is my America.  Vote Hellions.

I have worked so hard to change my life in preparation for this child and there’s still so much to do.  The writing has suffered, I readily admit.  Hopefully some time will arise.  Not in the oh life will go back to normal way.  There is no normal for the next 18 years, minimum.  But I would like to get through all the comics I’ve been sent to review, write for the wonderful sites that let me, and continue to put the Hellions name out there.

Thanks to all of you for sticking with me.

Feel free to leave questions and comments below and possibly inspire the next Well…. column.

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