Executive Assistant: Assassins #13 Preview.



Coming out tomorrow!

Part two of the origin of the newest Executive Assistant, Daisy!  Daisy is sexy as hell and would kill anyone who dared say that out loud.  Be sure to check out the cover art, the official words from Aspen Comics themselves and finally some preview art.  Then come back for the full review.


Vince Hernandez ­ Writer / Lori Hanson ­ Art / Teodoro Gonzalez – Colors /
Josh Reed – Lettering

Introducing Executive Assistant Daisy!

Daisy learns what it¹s like to for once live free of the shadows of her
menacing – and deadly – father, while living with her savior and lover, Shen.
But, the darkness of her past cannot be so easily dismissed, as Franklin¹s
“employees” manage to track them down, forcing their exodus from the United
States. And Daisy’s new home will prove far more shocking than she
anticipated, as her life reaches a deadly precipice even Shen may not be
able to save her from!

EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT: ASSASSINS #13 is in stores July 31st, 2013!


01_EAAS-13-CMYKcrop 02_EAAS-13-CMYKcrop 03_EAAS-13-CMYKcrop

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