Dead Man’s Run #6 Review.

From Aspen Comics, Greg Pak, Tony Parker, Wes Hartman, Josh Reed.


Its the final issue of Dead Man’s Run and holy crap did they ever pull out all the stops.

While this title has been showcasing the many levels of evil which drag a person to hell, there has also been another story brewing right below the entire time.  The story of innocence.  Throughout the book the innocent are desired and thus have a certain power.  The human soul is a valuable commodity and a pure one even more so.  However to get out of hell there must be certain… sacrifices.

Ugh.  I’m still taken aback by this unexpected ending.  Six issues and many many months of this title have led to some expectations and the final issue goes into dark places.

If anything hurt this book it was lateness.  Quality does take time but this took a lot of time.  It was worth it, because I would rather have an excellent issue that took a little longer than 22 pages of crap on time.  However, certain parts of the plot lose their momentum and details can be forgotten.  Dead Man’s Run is going to read very well in one sitting.  Prisons and hell and demons and the most innovative concepts of purgatory since Dante.

The only problem I have with this final issue is the unknown.  While open endings are fun this ending leaves all future possibilities open however a second volume has not yet been announced.  I would have been much more content and even excited about the ending if there was some sort of guarantee that more was on the horizon.

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