All New Fathom #1 Review.

From Aspen Comics, David Wohl, Frank Mastromauro, Alex Konat, Mark Roslan, John Ercek, Beth Sotelo, Josh Reed.

AllNew_FATHOM-01b_Konat-reserved AllNew_FATHOM-01a_Konat

Disclaimer:  A review copy was provided by Aspen Comics.  Also, on August 10th my wife and I had our first child so reviews are backlogged but coming quick.  On to Fathom #1.

Its an all new day and a new adventure for Aspen Matthews.  After the events of The Elite Saga, Aspen has to heal rifts under the water and continue to be the link between worlds.  While the last two volumes have involved much deep sea adventure this first issue reminds fans that Aspen is seen as one of the most powerful beings on the planet.  Not just in strength, although that is clearly there.   Aspen is also an ambassador, a leader, a mediator.  Her physical gifts are only matched by her mind.

The literal rise of conflict plus escalation between Aspen and the surface world has set up an incredible new chapter in the history of Fathom.  This is how Wonder Woman should be.  A strong woman from another world who wants to change man’s/surface world for the better.  However she is stopped at every turn by men ruled by their penises and money.  Look past the bathing suits, she’s part of that world its going to happen.  Instead read every issue and see how this beautifully drawn woman is also beautifully strong and beautifully smart.

All credit to the creative team for making a woman and a world to care about.  Its not about caring because of movies, TV or any other nostalgic reasons like so many other characters latch on to.  This is caring because something is on these pages to care about.

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