Well…… for 8/19/2013. AKA The Baby Post!

Of course I make two weeks in a row and then miss a week due to the birth of our first child.  I’m going to talk about this kid a lot, so I may as well tell you my loyal lovely readers all about it.

First of all, logos!  I don’t know Photoshop and with an infant in the house I probably wont be learning it any time soon either.  I’d love a “Well….” picture and I’ll leave it up to the artist to throw in or not throw in any extras.  Maybe I’ll send you some comics or a drawing or picture of my wife sleeping or something.

The story of Declan Clark Decent.

So….. last Friday.

We wake up at 8AM to get ready for a meeting to get insurance for the whole family.  Elise’s due date was the 14th of August and thus we still made plans and I was still working.  At 8AM she wakes up and …. why is the bed wet?  Water broke.

But there were no contractions….

Side note here, this is our story.  This is not yours, your life, your information, your beliefs, etc.  I approve all comments on this site and I wont accept any one judging us for any decision.  We’re all happy and healthy and well and thus satisfied with all of our choices.

Back to the story.

There were no contractions.  Thus we decided to take some time for ourselves.  We sat and talked about the baby and how we feel.  We made breakfast and ate it together.  Took showers, cleaned the house a bit.  All of the usual stuff.

A couple hours later Elise calls up her Mom and we all head to the hospital.  The expectation was the hospital would say because there were no contractions we should come back later when her body started them up.

However, there’s that pesky water break.  Immediate admittance and lets start the drugs.  But my wife is hardcore.  She was trying for no drugs.  And went 8 or so hours without anything.  A mid wife came in and nothing had change.  We had to deal with the fact that Petocin was about to enter the party.

Hours later, still nothing.  Now Cesarean starts to be whispered.  I will thank God every day for our mid wife.  She is single handed the only reason our baby was born naturally (well as close to natural as we could get).

The day started at 8AM and ended with his birth at 5:31AM the next morning.  9.1 pounds later.  I stayed with my wife for every second of it.  We didn’t sleep.  She pushed and pushed and worked so hard.  I helped her to the bathroom, I helped her work through every single moment of pain.  We kept each other from ever giving up.  After all of this I love her and our little guy more than anything else in the world.

Since Monday afternoon we have been home getting used to him.  Its tough.  Thankfully we’ve had many family members and friends stop by with food, or money, or just the break of talking to someone else for a couple hours.  That “takes a village” line isn’t bullshit.

Now I’m at home with my new family for another week.  A few weeks back to the day job then I will be at home with the baby while Elise works.  I’m going to try my best to write often and make some money off of it to recoup the loss money due to me staying at home.

I want to write so much about him and parenting.  But not for free.  In fact, a whole lot of things I write I just cant accept writing for free anymore.  I’ve been blogging for 5 years and built up a lot over that time.  Its time to believe I’m worth it.  If not for me, then for him.



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