Grace Randolph’s Supurbia #9 Review.

From Boom Studios, Grace Randolph, Russell Dauterman, Gabriel Cassata.


Disclaimer:  I had a baby!  Well, my wife had a baby.  I’m just trying to be an amazing father and husband.  Being amazing means some things have slipped through the cracks.  Apologies to Grace and everyone who works on Supurbia.  I love this comic and look forward to reviewing it every month.  Here I am with two issues to read!  Forgive the lateness!  On to the review.

Dear God and Sweet Christmas.  I really don’t know how Grace writes this or how Russell draws this.  Any of it.  While I would attempt to write a comic in a straight A leads to B leads to C fashion, Grace has every character running through their own independent yet overlapping arcs.  This comic is like the Arrested Development of super hero comics.

Even better, it all progresses so naturally.  Who would have thought when this started that two children, brother and sister, would be the hope and the horror of the future.  And they were in front of us all along!  Building and building up to this OMG moment.

As if he heard reviewers like myself discuss his work, Russell is even better with every issue.  I said from day one that I love how he draws faces and it continues here.  Sara gives her brother Eli the dirtiest, foulest, most evil look in one panel and it causes chills.  The looks characters have throughout this comic pack more good exposition than hundreds of Professor X/Magneto chess matches.

I really cant get over how amazing this book is every single month and that’s why I have to cut the review short.  Issue 9 has been insane and I’m still absorbing all that happened within.  However, the draw of issue 10 sitting right next to me is too strong to resist.

See you back here in the time it takes to read a comic.

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